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7 Things We Love About CSF’s SEMA Evo Build

The 2017 SEMA Show is upon us and, lord have mercy, I bet there’s going to be some sleepless nights over the forthcoming week and a bit.

An R34 Skyline GT-R Done Right

In fact, I found so much interesting stuff that I’m currently putting together an RB26 tuning post, because I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s interested in the latest products being made for the much-loved Nissan straight-six.

Deane x Więcek: Now You Know

By now, you’ll already know the result. Some will say it was inevitable, but there are no guarantees in motorsport.

The Master Special: From V8 To V12

In the story, Dino alluded to the fact that Mattias wasn’t anywhere near finished with the ’33, and that he had a few ideas for the future, perhaps even a V12 engine swap.

Period Correct & Engineered To Slide

If you’re a long-time follower of Speedhunters then you’ll definitely recognize the name Nigel Petrie, the man behind Engineered to Slide.

No Boundaries: Exploring Indonesia’s Kustomfest

After 12 hours, three airports, and 5,728 kilometers (3,559 miles), I finally made it to Yohgakarta, a lively city around 500 kilometers south east of Indonesia’s captial, Jakarta.

SoCal’s Finest At AutoCon Irwindale

This year’s Formula Drift Title Fight at Irwindale Speedway was insane. So much happened throughout the weekend, and both Paddy and Larry have stories coming very soon.

Against The Grain: Racing On Air

This isn’t an argument, because we’re long since past that. A couple of years ago, around the time I was seriously starting to consider putting Project GTI on air, I came across a California resident by the name of Cody Miles.

Form, Function & A 2JZ Swap With Attitude

What dilemma is that I hear you ask? I’m talking about not being able to please everyone all of the time, something that’s always causing controversy between various scenes.

Is This Real Life? Shooting The Ford GT In Austria

On a daily basis I receive emails from individuals and companies pitching me all kinds of ideas for car shoots.

Race To The City: F1 Cars On Adelaide’s Streets

Formula 1 machines are a big part of the event, and for 2017 they’ll be well represented once again. To highlight that fact and to tease the forthcoming festival, AMF has just released a video that was shot on Adelaide’s city streets at night.

Letting Your Creative Mind Wander…

Where the two Indonesia builds differ vastly is in their philosophical approach to customization. While the Bus builder set out to create his dream machine as close as possible to factory specifications, the goal with this Squareback, aka Woody Squarebagged, was to build something completely original and unique.

Welcome To The R31 Pearly Gates

Now that I look at the title, it’s probably a tad incorrect. This isn’t the place where R31 Skylines come to die; it’s a place where they sit neatly lined up and stacked, patiently waiting for their fate to be decided by R31 House.

Can A Hot Hatch Be A Hot Rod?

In fact, I’ve even gone back and forth as the whether to share this small spotlight with you at all, as this isn’t your typical Speedhunters car.

MCA’s Hammerhead Retains The WTAC Crown

The threat of downpours turned out to be nothing more than a bit of drizzle that quickly stopped, and the lower temperatures and overcast sky ended up creating even more favorable conditions for breaking records.

In The Moment: The House Of Drift’s Final Act

The ‘House of Drift’ is considered the birthplace of drifting in the United States, and has arguably been the highlight of every Formula Drift season to date. For years, we’ve been told that each event was to be the final one, only for the venue to be saved for one more year.

Sparks Fly On Day 1 Of WTAC

As early as the first sessions of the day, records were being reset, but as Friday played out, it was the Royal Purple Pro Class where things got really interesting.

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover…

Take this 1954 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus that was on display at the 2017 Kustomfest show in Yogyakarta, Indonesia for example.

Taking Over Japantown SJ For Shukai

Last weekend was just like any casual classic meet where you and your friends go to your favorite burger spot and hang out.

World Time Attack Challenge 2017 Is On

The Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge might not kick off officially until Friday morning local time in Sydney, but believe me when I say that the competition is already well underway.