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Memories From Irwindale: My Top 50 Shots From The FD Final

Memories From Irwindale: My Top 50 Shots From The FD Final The House Of Drift They last for just a fraction of a second, then are gone forever – but at Formula Drift’s Irwindale final last weekend I set out to capture as many defining moments as I could.

Nostalgic Attack: A 20B Turbo S30Z

Nostalgic Attack: A 20B Turbo S30Z Old Car, New Moves Time attack is by nature, a simple yet extremely focused form of motorsport.

Building A Speedhunters Camera Car: Introducing The KM4SH Golf

Building A Speedhunters Camera Car: Introducing The KM4SH Golf When I consider all of the cars I have built in the past, and the builds that I see frequenting websites and magazines by other car nuts, one thing is always clear in the project – it’s come about by the owner wanting to build something great out of something they had feelings for.

Sunday Mornings At Daikoku PA

Sunday Mornings At Daikoku PA The Place To Meet I often get asked by people how you’re supposed to find out about specific car meets in the Tokyo area.

Singapore Nightlife & Car Culture

Singapore Nightlife & Car Culture Grass Is Greener While Southern California has some of the best car culture in the world, anyone who lives there will know just how strict the laws regarding modifying street cars and what can and can’t be registered are.

Red Bull Global Rallycross In The Raw

Red Bull Global Rallycross In The Raw To get a true feel for something you sometimes need to strip it right down to its raw state.

A Maserati Themed Meeting: Cars & Coffee Tokyo-Style

A Maserati Themed Meeting: Cars & Coffee Tokyo-Style Sunday Mornings In Tokyo How did you spend your Sunday morning last weekend?

Warning: Maniac Drivers On The Loose

Warning: Maniac Drivers On The Loose Smoke On The Water, A Fire In The Sky There was advanced warning: it wasn’t like this street car demolition derby was a secret.

My World Of Custom Hot Wheels

My World Of Custom Hot Wheels Tiny Cars, Big Personality Hello everyone! Where to begin? I guess I can start off by telling you that I’m Luke Baumstark, a 24-year-old from Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Kitted Out For The Scion Tuner Challenge

Kitted Out For The Scion Tuner Challenge As the 2014 Scion Tuner Challenge car construction phase nears its end, our retro IMSA-inspired FR-S is really starting to take shape.

A Tailor Dressed In Varis Clothes

A Tailor Dressed In Varis Clothes Adding Spice Let’s face it; a sense of individuality is what everyone is trying to achieve with their car.

The KM4SH Body Kit: Your 86, Our Style

The KM4SH Body Kit: Your 86, Our Style It’s finally here! After a long build-up, today we launch our exclusive Speedhunters KM4SH body kit – designed expressly to rock you and your 86 or FR-S.

ADRENALIN: The BMW Touring Car Story

ADRENALIN: The BMW Touring Car Story We’ve been treated to some pretty amazing automotive films over the course of 2014, and if the official trailer is anything to go by, ADRENALIN – The BMW Touring Car Story is definitely going to be added to that list.

Personal Style Extended: The Ratbant

Personal Style Extended: The Ratbant Ring-Ding-Ding For most people, cars are simply a tool – but for people like us, they’re an extension of who we are.

How To Run A Reunion

How To Run A Reunion Behind The History Managing the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion with its 550 race cars, multiple sponsors, exhibitors, hundreds of journalists and thousands of visitors is a sizeable endeavor.

The Craziest Sounding Street Car Ever?

The Craziest Sounding Street Car Ever? You can say what you’d like about Liberty Walk’s brand of slammed, wide body, stretched tire supercars – but this video just has to be seen.

Street Racing in Stockholm: Welcome To The Underground

Street Racing in Stockholm: Welcome To The Underground Welcome To The Underground It’s just before midnight, and I’m heading south on one of Stockholm’s busiest highways at well over 200km/h.

A Championship Is Up For Grabs

A Championship Is Up For Grabs Headed into the seventh and final round of the 2014 Formula Drift Championship, Speedhunters’ own Fredric Aasbø is within reach of his very first title.

Get Ready! KM4SH Is Almost Here

Get Ready! KM4SH Is Almost Here We’ve been showing you images of the new KM4SH body kit for the GT86/FR-S/BRZ over the past months here on Speedhunters and our social media channels.

Keeping It Real With Classic Hondas

Keeping It Real With Classic Hondas 360cc Of Pure Love Is the enjoyment that a car provides defined by the size of its engine, the shape of its body or the width of its tires?