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Killin’ ‘Em With Cleanliness: The All Natural E30

Killin' 'Em With Cleanliness: The All Natural E30 Embrace The Clean We here at Speedhunters are not shy about our fascination with the radical builds that come out of Scandinavia.

The Cars Of August

The Cars Of August As the last month of the Northern Hemisphere summer, August was big on the Speedhunting front.

BBI + CSF + Liberty Walk: The Road To SEMA

BBI + CSF + Liberty Walk: The Road To SEMA While North America’s motorsport and event season is far from over, many in the automotive aftermarket industry are already looking toward November and the 2014 SEMA Show.

Eye Candy From StanceNation Japan

Eye Candy From StanceNation Japan The Hot Rod Approach Last week we brought you the 2014 StanceNation Japan show, and now I can show you the five cars that really caught my eye at Fuji Speedway.

Initiation: BMW M Style

Initiation: BMW M Style Ever since BMW decided that it would call the next iteration of the M3 Coupe an M4, there’s been some mixed reaction from long time M3 fans.

The Lamborghini Huracán Experience

The Lamborghini Huracán Experience Newer & Better Elizabeth White: Surprising. That is the word that best describes my many experiences with the Lamborghini Huracán.

Liberty Walk & The 458 Challenge

Liberty Walk & The 458 Challenge An Unusual Base Yeah yeah, we’ve heard it all before. What’s the big deal, right?

Shaped By The Wind, Crafted From Wood: An Evolution Of The Pagani Huayra

Shaped By The Wind, Crafted From Wood: An Evolution Of The Pagani Huayra Looking Into The Soul Of Horacio Pagani Before all the cutting-edge technology gets involved into making today’s hypercars: Inconel; carbon; titanium; ceramic; unobtainium – there’s often a gloriously organic starting point.

A History Lesson At Torino’s MAuto

A History Lesson At Torino's MAuto Looking To The Past At times I feel a bit consumed by trying to keep up with the freshest and latest goings on in the car world.

The Concept Of Dedication: Designing The Pininfarina Sergio

The Concept Of Dedication: Designing The Pininfarina Sergio Emotion From Devotion At last year’s Geneva Motor Show, there was one concept car that stood apart from the hypercar hyperbole.

Meeting The Angry Pandas

Meeting The Angry Pandas Car Culture Unites It doesn’t matter what part of the world I happen to be in and whether I speak the language or not – sooner or later I’ll just feel right at home.

Discussion: Can You Make A Ferrari 458 Better Looking Than It Already Is?

Discussion: Can You Make A Ferrari 458 Better Looking Than It Already Is? One Step Further As Speedhunters continues our own Giro D’Italia we decided to ask: can you, or perhaps should you even try to, update perfection – especially when it comes from the hallowed halls of Pininfarina and Ferrari.

GranStudio: Where Greatness Is Born

GranStudio: Where Greatness Is Born Torino: The Head Of Car Design I love Italy. It’s my home country and I enjoy returning back for a visit as often as I can.

Fun and Answers With Jim Glickenhaus

Fun and Answers With Jim Glickenhaus Surprise Spaceship Ride The Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina thrust Jim Glickenhaus to the forefront of many an auto enthusiast’s mind, if not soul.

The Ferrari F355 Built To Climb

The Ferrari F355 Built To Climb An Eight Cylinder Symphony It all started with a high-pitched scream, followed by the tell-tale booming thuds and crackles of rapid deceleration.

We Teach To Imagine The Future: IED Turin

We Teach To Imagine The Future: IED Turin Back To School Every year at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show, hidden amongst the noise and bombast of the major car companies and their A-Z compendiums of box-ticking products, there are enclaves of experimentation and excitement to discover, stands were you can witness the future of the automobile.

A Little Taste Of Italy…

A Little Taste Of Italy... We don’t need to tell you how rich in history Italian car culture is, or how Italy’s famed automobile designers and manufacturers have turned out some of the world’s most evocative four-wheeled machines.

The Pebble Beach Traffic Jam

The Pebble Beach Traffic Jam Early Riser Generally speaking, car shows are boring to me. I don’t like the fact that all these nice cars just sit there for you to look at, and most of the time car shows happen either in the middle of the day or at a poorly-lit warehouse.

All The Flavours Of StanceNation Japan

All The Flavours Of StanceNation Japan A Movement Like No Other I continue to be captivated by Japanese car culture.

Blown ‘N Low: Hot Rodding 101

Blown 'N Low: Hot Rodding 101 No Rules Rodding If you were to imagine the perfect hot rod, what would you come up with?