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11,000rpm+ In A Kiwi-Flavoured Lemon

Just when I thought that nothing innovative could be done with the ZN6/ZC6 platform, this brightly coloured thing comes along!

Holeshot Heroes: Racing At The 4&Rotary Nationals

Of all the New Zealand events that cater to owners, drivers and fans of modified Japanese cars, the annual ‘V’ 4&Rotary Nationals is without rival.

Chinese Drift: A Strangely Brilliant World

While normally I try to shy away from traditional event coverage here on Speedhunters, it’s nearly impossible for you guys to find out what happens in China.

Style For Days: Lowriding At The GNRS

At 66 years running, the Grand National Roadster Show is big on tradition. The chance to experience hot rod and custom car history first-hand is a big draw for the thousands that come through the gates of the Fairplex every year.

Breaking Records At The HKS Premium Day

This is when the big boys come out to play! Since its inception back in 2009, the HKS Premium Day has established itself as one of the best events on the Japanese calendar.

Wide Body Dreaming: The Rocket Bunny RX-7

In the past few months I’ve often written about how the Japanese sports cars of the 1990s have become icons for an entire generation of auto enthusiasts who are now settling into their adult years.

How To Kiwi: The 2015 4&Rotary Nationals

Walking into the show hall at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland last Friday evening, I realised that this would be my thirteenth year straight spent doing the exact same thing, on the same date in January.

This Is Winter In Los Angeles

For the past few years I’ve spent a good part of each winter in Japan, traveling, shooting lots of material and generally having a fantastic time.

January Joy: A JDM Overload

1,000hp Skylines and Supras ripping along the Wangan, epic battles between limiter-bashing drifters up a late-night mountain touge, low-slung shakotan machines congregating at Daikoku PA – nothing can match the richness, the excitement and the completely unique nature of the Japanese modified and cu

$3.5 Million To Spend: What Would You Buy?

Back in high school we had a game: What kind of car would you buy with $5,000? How about $50,000 or $500,000?

Can England Build A Better GT-R Than Japan?

Every time I see a GT-R I feel like I’m looking at a computer-generated character, as though a comic book page or game frame came to life in front of me. They feel like the stuff of hyper reality, existing purely for the purpose of being the best at what they do.

Surviving The World’s Greatest Car Auction

Barrett-Jackson has been one of the most popular car auctions in the world for many years. It’s talked about by almost every automotive media outlet you can think of and is broadcast live for several consecutive hours on television here in the US.

Coming Soon: The All-New Focus RS

Whether it’s the off-road-ready Raptor pickup, track-focused versions of the Mustang, or the return of the GT, Ford has really been pushing its performance vehicles recently. Now there’s a new model about to join the lineup, and it’s looking to be quite impressive.

An AE86 On A Carbs-Only Diet

When I heard we were running a Carbs Only theme this month, I knew that for my contribution from Japan I would have to come out with something indicative of the local scene. And what could be more JDM than a drift car, or to be more specific, a drift-oriented AE86 – one that has ditched fuel injecti

From Luxembourg With Love: Driving The Wengler Racing RS1800 BDA

It must be awesome to live in Luxembourg. With endless, traffic-free twisty roads that lead to nowhere, no fixed speed cameras and fuel costing around two thirds of what I normally have to pay in Germany, Luxembourg is one of my favourite places in Europe to spend some quality time hooning about.

The Birth Of A Carburetion Nation

Ask any Speedhunter from days gone by about early automotive modifications and they will be pleased to engage you with a sparkle in their eye.

1,200lbs Of Fun: A British Backroad Burner

One of the things I enjoy most about Speedhunters is the way we try to break down barriers and showcase car culture that exists outside of its traditional borders.


Our #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER program has developed into something quite special over the last six months, and we’ve certainly taken notice of how much you’ve enjoyed our showcases of readers’ rides as part of our monthly themes.

Small Tires, Big Blower: A Carbureted 7-Second Camaro

Rick Webb is one of those really quick guys who’s hard to catch. In fact, the only reason we were able to bring you this feature as part of our Carbs Only Theme is because he hurt his engine and couldn’t go racing this weekend just past.

Carburetor: The Greatest Auto Part Ever?

A few weeks ago, when our editor Pedey told us that we were planning to run a special carburetor theme for the month of January, I was excited.