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This Is Gatebil Mantorp

If you caught my The Road To Gatebil Mantorp post last week, you’ll know all about my recent road trip in a 699hp Nissan R35 GT-R Nismo.

4 Videos We’ve Watched This Week

Let’s get things started with a follow-up to a popular RWB video… A couple of weeks ago we shared Krispy Media’s RWB Philadelphia #1 documentary, which showcased Akira Nakai giving Ben Harmony’s Porsche 993 the full RAUH-Welt Begriff treatment.

Driven: The M2 In The Eifel

As Speedhunters, we spend considerably more time shooting and talking to others about their cars, than driving them.

In Your Face Sci-Fi Punk Works Style

Expression in its purest form is a combination of passion and the ability to let your mind run wild. You let your inner creativity generate a certain style, something that you feel strongly about and something that allows you to stand out.

Assembling Art: Touring Pagani’s Production Line

This isn’t the first time Pagani’s production line has featured on Speedhunters. I came here at the end of 2013 to take a first look at what would allow the Italian hypercar maker to boost production to meet demand.

Balance Is Everything: The Project Yoda Porsche

When it comes to a modified car, balance might just be the most desirable attribute. Cars with tons of horsepower are great, but if the rest of the vehicle hasn’t been upgraded to handle it things can get very sketchy very quickly.

The Road To Gatebil Mantorp

Now that Paddy has wrapped up his coverage from Gatebil Rudskogen 2016, I want to rewind back to the precursor event held a couple of weeks prior at Mantorp Park in Sweden.

Friday Night In The USA

We all know about Cars & Coffee events, the automotive gatherings that usually happen on Saturday or Sunday mornings in cities and towns across the world.

Pagani’s Future Starts Here

So where does one go from here? I’m sure this is a question that each of us ask ourselves after important times in our lives.

How To Modernise An ’80s Icon

This particular Hachiroku I spotted at Fuji 86 Style was unique in that it took tried and tested ingredients and mixed them with a dash of modern modification style – a recipe that can often end in tears if not executed with finesse.

Gatebil Part Three: The Society

I think it’s a pretty strong endorsement of an event where over a month later, we’re still talking about it.

Remember When Pro Drift Cars Were This Cool?

So what was it that made these early pro-spec machines so good? I’d say it was a combination of many things, but much of the beauty was in their simplicity.

Lowriders Take Over Tokyo

It’s 10:00pm on a very hot 6th of August in Tokyo and I have a dilemma. Do I go to Daikoku PA and join in the Hachiroku festivities, or do I do something completely different?

Behind The Scenes: My Car Geek Room

Without that on-location shooting there would be no Speedhunters, but what about the less glamorous, more routine side of the job?

Time For Another Video Break

Let’s kick things off with a new clip out of Jay Leno’s Garage… There’s one thing we really love about Jay Leno’s popular automotive channel on YouTube, and that’s that you never know what’s coming next.

Evolving An Extreme BMW E34

This isn’t the first time that this particular BMW E34 has made an appearance on Speedhunters, although it is the first time it has been seen since it’s, shall we say, evolved.

Take It To The Streets

There’s something instantly jarring about seeing a purpose-built race car driving on the road. The notion seems even more comical if it’s a drift car, too.

The Kyusha Connection

The convenience of this connected age we all live in comes with a hidden cost: disconnection. Unfortunately, younger enthusiasts these days may not even know what they’re missing out on.

The Best RWB Short Film Yet?

RWB Philadelphia #1, also know as Prince, is one of Akira Nakai’s newest creations, and in this superb 20-minute 4K production from Krispy Media, you get a real sense for what it means to bring the dream of RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsche ownership to life.

Quarter Midgets: Where Racing Careers Begin

I find it interesting, that in some way, shape or form, motorsport can be found in pretty much every country out there.