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Trolling Around In A SOHC Integra

If you are from the United States, there’s a good chance the Civic would have come from the factory with a single overhead cam D-series engine.

Building Dreams: Stone Motorsport

For such a small country, Ireland has a suspiciously large motorsport and performance car community. What’s funny though, is that you wouldn’t know it if you visited here.

A Gangster Caddy

I’m someone who appreciates simple execution, but with this shape and generation of Caddy there’s little that hasn’t been done.

An NSX Shouldn’t Be Babied

Whether it’s a result of nostalgia or renewed interest because of the new NSX, the original models are quickly becoming darlings of the collector car market.

The Road To Race Car Handling

I guess it comes with the territory, but one question I’m often asked is ‘what’s the best car you’ve ever driven?

Tuners Fight Back Against Slow Roadsters

What’s up with Mazda Japan offering only the 1.6-liter Skyactiv engine option for the new ND Roadster?

Chasing The Baja 1000, Speedhunters Style

As a Speedhunter, life is pretty much an endless number of bucket list motoring events being ticked off, new builds and breakthrough moments in car culture.

Why We Love The Civic

This 1993 Civic VX hatchback is the perfect example of a VTEC Club car, and it just happens to be owned by our old friend Yuta Akaishi.

Tuerck, Powers & Blušs Drift A Soviet Missile Base

Featuring Ryan Tuerck driving a supercharged V8-powered BMW E92 M3, Kristaps Blušs behind the wheel of his supercharged V8 BMW E46 M3, and Matt Powers piloting a twin-turbo V8-swapped Nissan 350Z, the three-minute clip mixes multi-car drift action with humor, all set to the amazing backdrop of an abandoned Soviet military compound in Latvia.

Being Handed The Keys To A Porsche GT3

My love for the Porsche 911 really only emerged in recent times, although in retrospect it did seem to be bubbling just below the surface for a couple of years.

Japanese Flavor At The Hot Rod Custom Show

Twenty five years is a long time to be running a car show, but that’s a milestone that Mooneyes Japan celebrated over the weekend with the 2016 edition of its famed Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama.

Welcome To The VTEC Club

Given that I spend a good amount of my time photographing and writing about car culture, you might imagine it’s easy for someone like me to become jaded about automobiles.

Creating Godzilla

“We’ve got a new assignment for you. You’re moving to Australia. The R32 GT-R must win Bathurst!” Our story starts with a phone call and a one-way flight from London to Melbourne, Australia.

Video Round Up: The SEMA Edition

Now that the dust has settled, we’re seeing more wrap-up videos appearing online, so we thought it only right to dedicate this week’s Round Up to the biggest industry show of the year.

Magnus Opus: The Complete Porsche 964

He’s much taller than I expected. Like most, I had seen the videos, read the features and followed the social media persona of Magnus Walker.

Bringing A Mustang Dream To Life

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I seem to be seeing new S550 Ford Mustangs almost everywhere I go these days.

Project GTI: Taking Stock

I hadn’t realised that it has been over a month since the last update, but truth be told, there hasn’t been a whole lot happening with the car.

Meet Brocky, Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s Latest Toy

Working as a Speedhunter is an enviable gig. I mean, if you love all things automotive, what could be better than spending your days photographing and writing about car culture from around the world?

December Preview: The Quest For Discovery

The thirst for knowledge is what has always fuelled mankind to move forward and evolve. Discovering, understanding, and making use of what is learned is an integral part of human nature, and to that you can draw parallels with passion too.

What Makes A Good Build?

Long before I joined the team, it was my daily ritual to log on to the site and read through all of the new stories since my last visit.