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Uphill With The Tires Roasting: Tuerck’s New Toy

// Ryan Tuerck might a Formula Drift driver, but thanks to his series of Tuerck’d web videos, he’s also becoming a globe-trotting destroyer of tires and purveyor of automotive mayhem.

Most Flights Cancelled: No Fly Zone AZ

Straight line drag racing is automotive competition in its purest form. It’s a raw display of power and here in the USA we like it quite a bit.

Resurrecting A Mach 1 Mustang

Old cars are like books, they all come with a story – some more interesting than others. But every once in a while you stumble across something that really makes you utter a simple, yet very honest, ‘wow!

Why Do We Love Stickers?

Earlier this year during a Skype chat with fellow Speedhunter Bryn, he brought up an idea for a story – stickers.

Getting Lost In The Details

I thought I’d do things a little differently for this second story from the 2014 Mooneyes Hot Rod & Custom Show.

The End Of Cars & Coffee Irvine?

Cars & Coffee Irvine is one of the greatest automotive events on the face of the earth, and if circulating rumors are true it may be coming to an end.

Point And Shoot: The Intercontinental Ballistic Metro

I drove a Metro once. It was a horrible experience. A bit like driving a cross between a bus and a shopping trolley.

10 Years & Still Sideways: The Formula Drift Book

One of my favorite events of the year is what I consider my home race – the Long Beach Grand Prix. I have been attending since 2004 (which was the 39th running), and I feel like it’s the place where I cut my motorsport photography teeth.

Goodbye Mustang, Hello Skyline: The New American Dream

The grass is always greener. We always want what we can’t have. It’s just human nature, and it applies to just about everything in our lives – including cars.

Dropped Out Of A Wormhole: The Sbarro Grand Prix

War is a strange human invention. It often slices such a strong dividing line in the timeline, that more often than not the time predating the war is so much different than that following it.

Custom Cars Attack Yokohama City

For car lovers, there really is no down season in Japan. Race series like Super GT and Super Taikyu may have paused for the winter months, but if you’re into cars there’s no better time to indulge in all sorts of automotive goodness.

From Concept To Reality: The Hoonicorn RTR Build Story

What’s up Speedhunters! I am pumped to share some of the finer details around the Hoonicorn RTR that ASD Motorsports and RTR built for my good friend Ken Block so that he could shred downtown LA for Gymkhana SEVEN.

Drift Shifters: We Run These Streets

If you could put together your dream event what would it be? A hill climb up the Stelvio Pass? A time attack on Monaco’s F1 street circuit?

Choose Life: Choose Speedhunters

Can 2014 really almost be over already?! It means that another year of Speedhunting is almost in the bag – and it’s been another stellar 12 months for car culture.

Midship Weapon: The Perfect SW20

Whichever way you look at it, the 1990s were an incredible time for Japanese performance cars. For me it’s actually staggering to think about the vast number of fun and exciting automobiles that Japan’s automakers released over the course of the decade.

5 Must-See Time Attack Weapons From Tsukuba

Given the quality in the paddock, I could have featured so many of the cars that were present at the recent Rev Speed Tsukuba Super Battle, but I had to come up with the next best thing and that was selecting the five that really stood out to me.

We Like ‘Em Low: Severed In The Southwest

You just can’t beat a good local show, and 16 years in there’s no denying that Severed In The Southwest is one of the best there is.

FastLane To Muscle

I love the car scene over here in Japan. It’s so huge, yet so well camouflaged that it’s hard to spot.

Is This The Future Of Drifting? Red Bull Drift Shifters

Imagine a piece of driftwood – and bear with me for a moment here – floating down a river. Now imagine that the river starts to pick up pace, the wood gains more and more pace until it eventually drops into a violent set of rapids thundering through a narrow canyon.

Scrapyard Rescue: From Wreck To Record Breaker

We are human beings. We like fast cars. We like cool-looking cars. We really like fast, cool-looking cars.