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Can RWB Do A Volkswagen?

The Porsche 911 and the Volkswagen Beetle are two cars that will often be brought up in the same sentence.

Production Ready At Last: Honda’s 306hp Civic Type R

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is upon us, and while Jonathan will be reporting live from the event floor in Switzerland over the course of the coming week, we just have to share with you the production-ready version of the highly anticipated new-gen Honda Civic Type R ahead of the press day.

BBQ, Beers & Bombs: Just A Saturday At The Park

Let me throw out a thought: car shows have become far too complicated. Why are we paying outrageous entry fees months in advance, waiting in line at the crack of dawn for roll-in and walking around with plastic bags full of stickers, brochures and pens?

My Daily Driver Is… A 110-Year-Old, 120mph LSR Car

What’s your reaction to an old car like this? You could casually dismiss it – crazy driving position, no dish, no over-fenders… and the age?

The Wangan Wagon

After the cool Worx Auto Chevelle Wagon I showed you back in January, you must be thinking I’m going through a wagon phase or something.

Baby’s Got Back: Shooting Brakes, Bespoke Builds & One-Off Wagons

Too much boot for a saloon? Not enough for a wagon? These babies have got back – just maybe a little less back than the rest of the wagons rolling through this month’s theme.

Project Crown: A Long Overdue Update

In recent weeks I’ve been quite busy getting my 2015 Mustang EcoBoost project car off the ground, but you’ll likely remember that the Ford isn’t the only vehicle in my project car garage.

Hammer Of Gods: The HMS H63 RS700

Let’s kick off with some numbers: 750 horsepower and well over 900 newton metres of torque. These are the sort of figures that’d feel much more at home in a two-seater supercar, but what happens when the family has arrived, and two seats just won’t cut it?

Cruisin’ Like It’s 1959: Wagon Style

Have you ever experienced the euphoria of sitting behind the wheel of a massive, classic American car, pointing it down the road and mashing the throttle?

Fear For The Family: A Lotus-Powered Opel Wagon

We here at Speedhunters love station wagons. We really do. And that’s why we’ve decided to spend a few days this week posting nothing but cool wagons from across the world.


Judging by the reaction we received when we asked you to submit your wagons to us, we know that you’ve been looking forward to this special Readers’ Rides feature as part of our much anticipated Wagon Week here on Speedhunters.

Rad Rambler: A 573hp Zombie Wagon From The ’60s

What do you get when you take an old station wagon from a long-vanished American brand and drop in a motor from another fallen manufacturer and then add a ton of retro-inspired drag style?

Unfinished Business: Where Did I Go So Wrong?

Long term projects invariably don’t start out that way, and in my case what was meant to be a reliable daily driver has turned in to a noisy, uncomfortable, unreliable and often frustrating exercise.

The Greatest Wagons Of All Time

It’s Wagon Week! As we spend the next few days celebrating the glory of the station wagon, I figured it would only be right to take a look at some of the greatest factory wagons and estates ever built.

It’s Wagon Week!

I’ve always had a thing for fast wagons. To a much younger me, the idea of a quick estate seemed a little wrong, and dare I say, a little… backwards – but in the best way possible.

Speeding Past At Race Retro

Race Retro is Europe’s biggest winter show for historic motorsport, and one of those shows which is always a pleasure to attend, packed with classic racing goodness and inspiration in equal parts.

Mixing It Up, Time Attack Style

What makes a time attack car?

Through My Dusty Lens: King Of The Hammers

I’ve run into a problem. I guess you could call it a ‘Speedhunter’s Problem’. You see, since I started working for this wonderful car culture website, I’ve been attending gatherings of the automotive world pretty much non-stop.

Notchback Love

Don’t, for one second, assume that Speedhunters is only after the craziest builds with boast-worthy sets of figures.

GT-R Hunting In Ras Al Khaimah

Personally, I think right now is a fantastic time to be a car person.