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Fun and Answers With Jim Glickenhaus

Fun and Answers With Jim Glickenhaus Surprise Spaceship Ride The Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina thrust Jim Glickenhaus to the forefront of many an auto enthusiast’s mind, if not soul.

The Ferrari F355 Built To Climb

The Ferrari F355 Built To Climb An Eight Cylinder Symphony It all started with a high-pitched scream, followed by the tell-tale booming thuds and crackles of rapid deceleration.

We Teach To Imagine The Future: IED Turin

We Teach To Imagine The Future: IED Turin Back To School Every year at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show, hidden amongst the noise and bombast of the major car companies and their A-Z compendiums of box-ticking products, there are enclaves of experimentation and excitement to discover, stands were you can witness the future of the automobile.

A Little Taste Of Italy…

A Little Taste Of Italy... We don’t need to tell you how rich in history Italian car culture is, or how Italy’s famed automobile designers and manufacturers have turned out some of the world’s most evocative four-wheeled machines.

The Pebble Beach Traffic Jam

The Pebble Beach Traffic Jam Early Riser Generally speaking, car shows are boring to me. I don’t like the fact that all these nice cars just sit there for you to look at, and most of the time car shows happen either in the middle of the day or at a poorly-lit warehouse.

All The Flavours Of StanceNation Japan

All The Flavours Of StanceNation Japan A Movement Like No Other I continue to be captivated by Japanese car culture.

Blown ‘N Low: Hot Rodding 101

Blown 'N Low: Hot Rodding 101 No Rules Rodding If you were to imagine the perfect hot rod, what would you come up with?

Step One: Find A Fun Car To Drive

Step One: Find A Fun Car To Drive Green With Envy I’ve watched the Mustang RTR evolve from being a concept car to something you can purchase in a dealership, and eventually to the Speedhunters interpretation of what a modern Mustang should look like.

European Hill Climbing Personified: Opel Kadett Howler

European Hill Climbing Personified: Opel Kadett Howler Run To The Hills It wasn’t all just standing around with our mouths wide open and convulsing in pure, unadulterated ecstasy last weekend at the FIA European Hill Climb Championship round at St. Ursanne Les Rangiers.

Chasing The Edge: Infiniti At Eau Rouge

Chasing The Edge: Infiniti At Eau Rouge Officially, the Q50 Eau Rouge Prototype is still that – a concept test-bed – but Infiniti continues to make plenty of noise about the potential VR38DETT-powered, all-wheel drive super saloon.

Making GT-R Dreams Come True

Making GT-R Dreams Come True Every Car Comes With A Story You know what a big lesson in life is? Never make assumptions.

Monterey Car Week: Through My Lens

Monterey Car Week: Through My Lens Chase Cam Last year was my first time checking out Pebble Beach and the Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca, and I couldn’t believe what I had been missing out on all these years.

Mustang RTR: The Next Stage

Mustang RTR: The Next Stage We have nearly reached the long-awaited debut of the new 2015 Ford Mustang, and over the last few months we’ve seen all of the well known Mustang tuners reveal concepts and renderings of their individual takes on the new car.

’66 Mustang + NASCAR V8 = One Crazy Afternoon

'66 Mustang + NASCAR V8 = One Crazy Afternoon Bay Area Bruiser It’s late afternoon on a Thursday and I’m in Hayward, California – a working class city on the east side of the San Francisco Bay.

Putting The Super Back Into Touring Cars

Putting The Super Back Into Touring Cars Racing For The Rest Of Us Touring car racing: people’s racing, with cars anyone can relate to, featuring door-to-door, smash-and-grab action and an emphasis on entertainment.

When 3 Rotors & 1 Turbo Aren’t Enough: RADBUL Gets 26B-TT Power

When 3 Rotors & 1 Turbo Aren't Enough: RADBUL Gets 26B-TT Power Quad Power In The House Imagine, if you will, your ultimate no holds barred race car.

Carbs Only Diet: A 190 Benz That Barks

Carbs Only Diet: A 190 Benz That Barks Love For The ’80s This is one badass Benz. A DTM-inspired sports saloon from the ’80s with enough speed and style to still kick tail in the modern day.

Ascend To The Green Heaven In St. Ursanne

Ascend To The Green Heaven In St. Ursanne The Ultimate Juxtaposition I’ve always had a ‘bucket list’ of sorts – cheesy, I know.

Unplugged Tesla Model S: The Future Of Car Tuning?

Unplugged Tesla Model S: The Future Of Car Tuning? The Rise Of The Electric Car I love dinosaurs. I love the idea of dinosaurs.

Daikoku PA: Who Needs Museums?

Daikoku PA: Who Needs Museums? Withdrawal Symptoms After spending the past six weeks in Europe, I was really beginning to have withdrawal symptoms.