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By The Skin Of Your Teeth: EKS At The World RX Of Germany

By The Skin Of Your Teeth: EKS At The World RX Of Germany Three Musketeers Hello Speedhunters! As you all know from Edward, we are competing in the FIA World Rallycross Championship this year with a pair of Audi S1 EKS RXs that run in the RX Supercar class.

Ups & Downs: My Season So Far

Ups & Downs: My Season So Far New Car, High Hopes Our year in the brand new Corvette C7.R started off with huge promise.

From The Driver’s Seat…

From The Driver's Seat... #JoyOfMachine is the foundation that Speedhunters is built upon, and racecars play a big role in that.

Brass Knuckles In A Velvet Glove: The Lightspeed Classic

Brass Knuckles In A Velvet Glove: The Lightspeed Classic Reimagination The Porsche 911 silhouette – iconic.

Open October With A Sheer Joy Attack

Open October With A Sheer Joy Attack Over the last couple of months we’ve been keeping up a steady drip feed of goodies into the Speedhunters store for you to get your hands on.

If Monster Tajima Built An Electric Car…

If Monster Tajima Built An Electric Car... The Future Has Arrived It is always fascinating to look back in history and see how designers imagined the car of the future.

A Wild Horse In France… With Baguettes

A Wild Horse In France... With Baguettes What do you get when you combine narrow side streets, quaint cafes and a rip-roaring Ford Mustang?

Speed & Freedom In San Diego

Speed & Freedom In San Diego Race At The Base Speedhunters is a global operation and we take great pride in being able to bring coverage from all around the world.

The Hypercar They Should Have Sold…

The Hypercar They Should Have Sold... Rare Beef Prototypes: the most interesting type of car, yet the kind we see the least of – the test studies that manufacturers create from nothing and agonize over whether to produce.

A GT-R For The Street & Track… By Nismo

A GT-R For The Street & Track... By Nismo Impossibly Japanese Nismo – which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary – has always had very cool and direct link to us enthusiasts.

Scion Tuner Challenge Livery: The Choice Is Yours!

Scion Tuner Challenge Livery: The Choice Is Yours! It’s been a busy couple of months with the Speedhunters entry for the 2014 Scion Tuner Challenge.

The Bertone Mantide: Five Years On

The Bertone Mantide: Five Years On Confusion Resolved The Stile Bertone Mantide. An extreme, arresting and most certainly controversial car; quite an statement considering the long and prestigious history of amazing one-off machines to have rolled out of the factory doors at Bertone’s Turin-based facility – one of the world’s most respected coach builders and automotive design houses.

Modern VIP: The Dragon Meets Air

Modern VIP: The Dragon Meets Air Unconformity Rules Style is nothing but a dare – a dare to be different.

ST Suspensions: The Ford Fiesta Project

ST Suspensions: The Ford Fiesta Project The Feisty Fiesta It’s been a long while since I’ve had the chance to do any Speedhunting.

If You Have A Problem, If No One Can Help.Maybe You Can Hire… The TMG Team

If You Have A Problem, If No One Can Help. Maybe You Can Hire… The TMG Team Phoenix From The Flames I was searching for Toyota’s legendary European racing group: Toyota Motorsport GmbH.

One Pissed Off Bat: The LB Works Murciélago

One Pissed Off Bat: The LB Works Murciélago For Liberty Walk, this year’s SEMA Show will be all about the soon-to-be-revealed LB Works Aventador and a string of other cars that Kato-san and his crew are having a hand in building for Las Vegas, including a certain Porsche 997.

A Story Of Family, Food & Slammed VWs

A Story Of Family, Food & Slammed VWs A Family Affair Car culture at large. It’s the best way to describe what we do here at Speedhunters – delivering Pure Automotive Enjoyment.

You Can’t Drive A Painting: The Ralph Lauren Collection

You Can't Drive A Painting: The Ralph Lauren Collection A Knife In The Dark One of the biggest things about Speedhunting is that you can stumble upon some rather amazing automotive finds at any given moment.

Micro Machine: The Kei Drift Truck

Micro Machine: The Kei Drift Truck Wonders Of The Japanese Inaka It’s always fun to see the lighthearted side of global car culture. And when, at the same time, you can also show what can be achieved at the extreme end of the customising spectrum, well, that leads to one of the most unique feature car – uh, truck – subjects of this year.

The Supercar-Slaying Crossover

The Supercar-Slaying Crossover A Welcome Surprise I like manufacturers with a sense of humour. And when the funny surprises come from the more sedate manufacturers it makes us – the enthusiasts – stand up take notice.