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Project Nasty: What The Builders Drive

As cliche as it might sound, cars are indeed an extension of the people that own them. Whether it’s a Toyota Prius or a jacked-up pickup truck, what we drive says a lot about us.

Hold On Tight: The Silver Car S2

Have you ever been in a car that’s so fast you felt like no matter how tight the harness was, it never seemed tight enough?

Built to Thrash: A Homebrewed Hayabusa KP61

Meeting a fellow enthusiast for your chosen make, model or even style of modified car is rarely an unrewarding experience.

IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER: Your Bike-Powered Builds

We’re just going to put this out there: motorcycle-engined cars are pretty damn awesome, which is exactly why this month’s theme is dedicated to them.

Mazda Body, Honda Bike Heart: A Shedology Swap

About a month ago I mentioned to my brother in law that we were going to run a bike-engined car theme on Speedhunters; he’s a car guy, so I figured it would be wise to see what he knew of.

Scorpions, Sand & 16,000rpm

Ever since I first flew into Dubai International Airport, I have been fascinated with the desert. As we made our approach I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the window and the vast expanse of sand stretching off into the far distance.

Legends Of The Track Day

When Pedey told us we’d be running a motorcycle-powered car theme for this month, I was both excited and worried.

Get Ready For Some Bike Power

‘Motorbike’ isn’t a word you tend to find too commonly peppered through the many year’s worth of content here at Speedhunters, but for the next couple of days, that’s going to change.

Thor’s Hammer: The MG GT3’s Accelerated Evolution

I first featured Jason Shalders and his incredible MG project back last September, following a fortuitous meeting at the Autosport International show at the beginning of that year.

Deep Into The 9s: A 1,200hp Monster Cummins

The other day I shared with you guys some of my experiences from a rather unique event: the NHRDA Spring Nationals held last weekend at Famoso Raceway near Bakersfield.

OTG’s Next-Level LFA Spotted In Action

If you cast your mind back to this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, you might remember Dino’s Spotlight on a new contender for the 2015 D1 Grand Prix championship crown – the OTG Motorsports Lexus LFA.

A Family Affair: The Advance Flatout NSX

Some things never get old, and the Honda NSX is one of them. Simply said, there is no other Japanese car that has aged quite so well as this all-aluminium sports machine. It’s almost like a mystical creature, built with a very specific set of goals in mind, and setup and honed by a racing legend.

A New Way Of Speedhunting

When we lock down the events we’ll be attending throughout the year, there’s always many familiar places and gatherings.

Yogi’s Super Sedan: Is Race Car A Style?

As car enthusiasts, we all strive for a sense of individuality when we decide to customize our vehicles.

Do It Differently: A Wide & Boosted E46

One day in the not too distant past, a guy by the name of Pat Estudillo was coming home for work in his daily driver.

2JZ Swaps Take Over The World

We are only at the very beginning, but I feel that the introduction of Formula Drift into Japan has already had a very positive effect on the sport.

The Golf Mash-Up Build: Part 3

It’s been a long time coming, but the third instalment of our Golf project is finally here! Since the last build update back in November, a popular question for which I have no firm answer has been put to me numerous times: ‘what are you building that for then?

Bulldog: The New Civic Type R’s Ancestor

Subject matter aside, what makes this Spotlight special is that in involved Speedhunting in its purest form.

C-10R: The Chevy With A Hint Of Zonda

What are some of the most impressive things you can do with an automobile? You can bring a rusting hulk back from the dead with a full factory restoration.

Mustang Meltdown: Vaughn Gittin Jr. On Ice

I always look forward to receiving calls from Speedhunters driver Vaughn Gittin Jr., because it’s almost always an invite to shoot something interesting.