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A Drift Spec, RB26-Swapped Starion

As entertaining as it is to watch, my mission, like Dino and Blake’s, was to hunt out some interesting cars and share them with you.

Bye-Bye Bernie: F1’s Boss Is Out

Liberty Media’s Chase Carey is taking over the top position as the sale is completed, though Bernie will remain onboard as Chairman Emeritus to provide insight as F1 goes under new ownership.

This Is NYC Car Life

New York City car culture isn’t a thing? Think again. Speedhunters readers can all agree, the passion for living life through cars knows no boundaries on this planet.

Toyota’s WRC Contender Does TAS

For sheer square meterage, the Toyota group dominated the OEMs with Toyota, TRD, Lexus and Gazoo Racing all having independent stands, and before the doors opened to the masses on Sunday morning, I snuck in for a closer look at arguably the most important car the collective had on display.

What We’ve Been Watching

And first up it’s a brand new clip from 1320Video… Once every year, Australia’s finest purveyors of burnt rubber and tyre destruction gather in the country’s capital city to bring the noise – and smoke.

Sierra Mania: 30 Years Of The Legendary RS500

Turbocharging technology was progressing at a rapid pace, manufacturers invested heavily in motorsport, and the likes of Formula 1 and Group B rallying were pushing power output and performance to incredible, and often dangerous levels.

This Is Stance Done Right

And from the moment I laid eyes on it during last Thursday’s Tokyo Auto Salon set up day, this BMW E30 wagon built by Kei Miura really did it for me.

Motorsport Meets Modified: ASI 2017

January in Birmingham, England. Probably rain. Definitely race cars. The annual Autosport International and Performance Car Show landed at the National Exhibition Centre last weekend, and ushered with it the start of this season’s race calendar.

ACR Performance: An Aston Specialist Is Born

It’s a recipe that has worked well for the brand, especially in recent times and now with the fresh direction the company has taken with the DB11 and the new era of forced induction.

Cars As Characters: The Art Of Damon Moran

Considering his day job is working as an animator, you might think the last thing Damon wants to do when he gets off work is create more art.

Liberty Walk At Tokyo Auto Salon

From SEMA to Tokyo Auto Salon and then Essen, its crazy over-fendered exotics and wild kyusha rides have been spreading the LBW style with the energy, excitement and enthusiasm that Kato-san and his staff have for their cars and the lifestyle surrounding them.

The Mustang Gets Refreshed

While it’s not a dramatic departure from the earlier cars, there are some notable updates both to the exterior, interior and the powertrain options worth talking about.

Don’t Call It A Show Car: Risky Devil’s Boss S14

It has all the right (or wrong, depending on how you choose to look at it) ingredients for a drift car: an LS2 V8, a Rocket Bunny kit, some SSR mesh wheels and Air Lift Performance suspension.

The New Supra Needs This Engine

The majority of casual passers-by probably didn’t even notice it, most are of course there to take 15TB of pictures of all the campaign girls.

86 & BRZ Five Years On: Success Or Failure?

If you spent any time browsing automotive websites between 2008 and 2011 you should know exactly what I’m talking about.

Carpark Hunting At TAS

Car shows attract car enthusiasts, and car enthusiasts drive cool cars. Thus, car show carparks will have cool cars.

Big Game: Hunting The Jaguar XJ220

I don’t think that I ever really liked the XJ220. It should have been poster material for my childhood bedroom wall.

RAYS Shows Us The Future Of Lightweight Wheels

Be it design innovation or refinement, you can always expect exciting things from the Japanese wheel maker, and for 2017 it’s really taking a big step forward with alloy wheel production. This is the Volk Racing TE037 Dura, the latest evolution of the signature six-spoke design and RAYS’ new halo product.

Summernats 30: In Horsepower We Trust

The Street Machine Summernats is more than just Australia’s largest car festival; for many it’s closer to a religious experience than a car show.

Tokyo Auto Salon’s S660 Selection

While there may have been nothing particularly groundbreaking at TAS 2017, the show was packed with interesting builds, noticeable trends and an obvious evolution for the whole aftermarket world.