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Classic Beauty At Nikko’s Marronnier Run

Diving into something slightly different from the norm is always very important, regardless of what the subject is. With food for example, why shy away from trying new things when you could potentially be right in front of a whole new taste sensation?

Do IDC’s New Rules Work?

I feel very fortunate to be right in the midst of the formative years of a new motorsport. While competitive drifting has been occurring for at least 20 years at this point, it’s maybe only in the last decade that it has begun to really find its feet.

Mimms Honda Day: Performance Matters

The Honda crowd gets a bit of a bad rap from the rest of the aftermarket and tuning community, I feel. I’m not sure why it is either.

Car Life On The Streets Of Havana

I’d always wanted to visit Cuba. For such a long time I was envious of photographers from outside of the United States who were given relatively free reign to shoot on the island, as they had the chance to capture this living time capsule.

The Engineering Feats Of Elmia

The annual Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show held at the Elmia convention and events center in Jönköping, Sweden provides a great opportunity to check out some of the latest builds before the start of the new season.

Meet The Australasian RWB Family

Shortly after the RWB: Life After Birth movie premiere, I regrouped at a private function with Nakai-san, the majority of the film’s stakeholders, and the owners of all six RWB Porsches that were displayed.

Project 2000: No, I Didn’t Forget

When I made the decision to start following the progress of my Honda on Speedhunters I did so with the best intentions.

Hunting Speed: From California To Belfast

Long before I was a Speedhunter, I was a Speedhunters’ reader. On many levels, I think that I am still a reader before being a contributor.

Honda Civic Type R vs. The Nürburgring

Back at the beginning of the month, Honda took its latest performance machine to the Nürburging Nordschleife to prove its worth. The front-wheel drive record has changed manufacturer hands a few times in the last few years since Seat’s Leon Cupra 280 cracked the eight-minute barrier at the famed German race track, but now it’s firmly back with Honda […] The post Honda Civic Type R vs.

RWB Emirates: The Final Chapter

It’s time to head back to Dubai for the final instalment in the RWB triple build – three cars built in six days by the master of wide, Nakai-san.

The Electric Elephant In The Room

Earlier this week, you might have caught my post titled Do New Performance Cars Even Need Modifying? Today, I’m going to follow that up with a part two of sorts.

Goes To VW Show, Finds A Ford

While there were plenty of cars worth highlighting at Dubshed, it’s just not possible to cover each one in detail.

Speedhunting Tokyo: Meguro-Dori Part 3

Let’s pick up right where I left off in Part 2 of this Speedhunting tour of Meguro-dori with the final stretch of road.

AMS Alpha G: The Road To Six

The record 6.93-second ET is just one of a string of benchmark-resetting achievements by the 2500hp+ R35 known as Alpha G, but with a number of other teams gunning for the first GT-R 6-second time slip – including US tuners ETS and T1 Racing Development, plus Alpha Logic in the UAE and EKanoo Racing

Resurrecting The Dead: Bugly The Zombie Beetle

I don’t think it’s accurate to call this rat look. The term ‘rat look’ itself has been devalued over the years by people purposely rusting panels and creating something which is essentially falsifying a car’s story.

Quattro Returns To Pikes Peak

The Audi Sport Quattro was one of the defining cars of the Group B era, a time which, for many, represents the absolute pinnacle of rallying.

An Untypical Subaru Impreza STI

In regard to the title above, ‘typical’ will obviously depend where on this floating rock you call home.

Speedhunting Tokyo: Meguro-Dori Part 2

Right, it’s back on the saddle for another instalment in my recent cycle tour down Meguro-dori, and for this second post there was definitely more distance covered to get to some must-see shops along the way.

A Classic Dub Recipe: Clean Enough To Eat Off

For as long as people have been modifying Volkswagens they’ve been shaving off badges, lights and trims in an attempt to clean up a car’s lines and make them stand out from the crowd.

100 Reasons To Visit Long Beach

As you’ll see, they’re in no particular order, and I’ll chime in with some thoughts and observations here and there.