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One Word for Today's Graduate: Graphene - Technologue

100 Times as Strong and 10 Times as Impact-Resistant as Steel by Weight If Hollywood were to remake "The Graduate," what "one word" do you suppose Mr.

Car Salesman Confidential: What's the Deal With TrueCar?

One Salesman's Take On The Service That Seems To Be Everywhere A couple of weeks ago a middle-aged woman came to my dealership to buy one of our best-selling Bel Canto sedans.

Downsizing Hits an Upswing: Smaller Turbo Engines Are Going Big - The Kiinote

The Days of the Naturally Aspirated Four-Cylinder Appear to Be Numbered In 1964 the original Chevrolet Malibu made its debut.

Future Cars and the Search for White Space - The Lohdown

How Automakers Are Capitalizing on High Demand Welcome to the future cars issue (get your August 2015 issue of Motor Trend on newsstands starting on May 29), our showcase of what carmakers are working on now and what is coming around the bend.

A Baker's Dozen Tech Tidbits from SAE 2015

A 10-Speed Twin-Clutch Transmission, 7-Mode Hybrid, and More Your technical director joined the Society of Automotive Engineers back in his college days at the University of Illinois during the Reagan era and has been faithfully attending the group's annual confab in Detroit for what seems like millennia.

Car Salesman Confidential: How To Read A Car Ad

How To Prevent Your Own And Your Salesman's Frustration A car pulled up in front of my dealership the other day, and an older gentleman got out and introduced himself as Dr.

Automakers Say You Should Stop Working on Your Car - Are They Right?

There's a Battle Raging Over Who Should Be Allowed to Service Your Car There's a battle being waged over who's allowed to service or modify your car.

Dissecting Chevy's 2nd-Gen Moonshot - Technologue

A Closer Look at the 2016 Volt's New Tech When Chevy unveiled the thoroughly revamped Volt at the 2015 Detroit auto show, it kept the geekosphere in suspense about the nitty-gritty details of the upgraded powertrain except to say it involved two traction motor/generators and a new double planetary gearset.

The Final Frontier: SUVs Go Ultra-Luxe - The Big Picture

No Longer Just Trucks in a Tux "We will solve the problem that you cannot spend more than $160,000 on an SUV," deadpanned Bentley boss Wolfgang Dürheimer about the company's forthcoming Bentayga off-roader.

Two (SUOTYs) For The Road: From Sendai to Kyoto in Our Recent Winners

The Kiinote: Driving the Forester and CR-V in Japan As part of our Sport/Utility of the Year competition, participating automakers agree to provide us with a long-term vehicle, should their SUV win.

Killer Kar Apps: Fourth Annual ContiTech Demo Day

A Glimpse into the Near-Term Crystal Ball of Cool Technology Just as the crocus bulbs start to sprout in Detroit each spring, Tier 1 supplier Continental hauls a bunch of auto journalists up to its 540-acre Brimley test facility in Michigan's Upper Peninsula to enjoy the death throes of winter for one more day.

Free BMW Teen Driver Ed!

10-city tour offers free drives for adults, too The morning before I was to meet my 16-year-old nephew, Tony, at BMW's Teen Driving School event in Spartanburg, South Carolina, I jolted awake at the sight of a text message from my sister.

There's Something Really Important Missing at the New York Show

There Aren’t Enough Cutaway Engines! We only go to auto shows for one reason: to see cutaway display engines and chassis components.

President Lincoln Goes to China - The Lohdown

Bad Call param: Empty Page Id List

AC/DC's Brian Johnson on the State of British Motoring - The Lohdown

Back in Union Jack While I'm more than happy to compile a magazine on the subject of British cars (the May 2015 issue of Motor Trend), I feel less qualified to comment on the current state of British motoring, especially when I can enlist the aid of the most legit Brit I've ever met.

Car Salesman Confidential: This Is The Job

You Name It, I Do It One thing I knew, back before the editors of Motor Trend were kind enough to allow me to do this blog, was that if “Car Salesman Confidential” was to be a success it could not be a monologue.

Highway Hell: America's Interstates Are Falling Apart - The Big Picture

The Highway Trust Fund is broke and few on Capitol Hill seem to want to do anything about it Katherine Dean was at the wheel of her Chevy Malibu one Tuesday afternoon in February, out running errands in Morningside, Maryland.

Fuel Sell: Fill 'er Up With Room-Temp Hydrogen - Technologue

Exploring the Potential of a New Fuel Cell Technology At first I was repulsed by the jowly, unsettling appearance of Toyota's Mirai fuel-cell car (pictured below), and then I wondered, is that the desired effect?

Ford Focus RS Trounces Other Hot Hatches - On Paper

But the Track Is Where It Will Need to Prove Itself Upon returning from the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, I found myself with more questions than answers about the Ford Focus RS.

Car Salesman Confidential: We Secretly Hate You

Why Car Salesmen Show Disdain for Some Customers The other day I was sitting around talking with a friend in the car business, an older gentleman who has been in finance and insurance (F&I) since the invention of the automobile (I think he may actually have been in the horse & carriage business befo