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A Tale of Two Top Tens: Japan and U.S. Make, Buy Very Different Vehicles - The Kiinote

Comparing the Automotive Best-Sellers in Japan and the U.S. About the size of California, a state that saw new-car sales of around 1.8 million last year, Japan is a car-hungry culture, consuming more than 5.5 million new vehicles over the same period.

Inside the Machine: What I've Learned From Auto Factory Tours - The Big Picture

You learn a lot about a car seeing how it's made I don't know why many of my media colleagues hate auto factory tours.

Mousetrap Betterment: Keeping Combustion Contemporary - Technologue

Dazzling new twists on combustion

Restoring the Hagerty Tiger: Becoming a Body Man

Drilling out spot welds and fabbing patch panels on the Hagerty Insurance '67 Sunbeam Tiger project car I've owned a 1967 Sunbeam Alpine since my Chrysler engineering days, back when Lee Iacocca was saving the Pentastar brand from an earlier brush with death.

Car Salesman Confidential: From Hero To Zero

Dealing With Slumps Is The Toughest Part of the Business About two weeks after I started in sales, the dealership I worked for held a big “tent sale” (sometimes called an off-site sale) at the local fairgrounds.

From 1 to 7 Series: BMW Group's Klaus Fröhlich on the Automaker's Future

We Interview Klaus Fröhlich, Board Member for Development, BMW Group Klaus Fröhlich represents continuity in BMW engineering.

Connecting Cars and the 2016 BMW 7 Series - The Lohdown

"Two Years From Now, This Entire Space is Going to Look Very Different" On a Wednesday morning in late spring, BMW invited me to a swanky mansion in Beverly Hills to preview its new flagship sedan.

Mercedes-Benz's Dieter Zetsche on Apple, the G-Wagen, Smart, and More

A Couple of Ex-Chrysler Engineers Talk Engineering I have two things in common with Dieter Zetsche, the affable car-guy chairman of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars: 1) We both hold engineering degrees — mine's a masters in mechanical, his is a doctorate in electrical; 2) We've both worked at Chrysler — me for six years, him for five.

Detroit's Eiffel Tower Turns 50

Celebrating the Uniroyal Giant Tire's 50th Anniversary If you've ever entered or left Detroit's western border via I-94, you've driven by the Giant Tire.

The Thrill of the Indy 500

You Don't Have to be a Race Fan to be Fan of This Big Race I'm a car guy, but I have never been a race guy.

Aston Martin's Andy Palmer on SUVs, AMG, and V-12s

An Interview with the CEO of Aston Martin Mere months after arriving from Nissan's number-two position to Aston Martin as CEO, Andy Palmer's appraisal of his new company's position is blunt.

Eastern Promise: China's First Car is Here, Via Sweden - The Big Picture

Volvo's Resurgence, From Ford to Geely Ownership It's August 1998, and I'm somewhere over Nebraska, sitting next to soon-to-be Ford CEO Jac Nasser in the company's Gulfstream jet, en route to Detroit after a weekend at the Pebble Beach Concours.

Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept: Car Design Interview

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One Word for Today's Graduate: Graphene - Technologue

100 Times as Strong and 10 Times as Impact-Resistant as Steel by Weight If Hollywood were to remake "The Graduate," what "one word" do you suppose Mr.

Car Salesman Confidential: What's the Deal With TrueCar?

One Salesman's Take On The Service That Seems To Be Everywhere A couple of weeks ago a middle-aged woman came to my dealership to buy one of our best-selling Bel Canto sedans.

Downsizing Hits an Upswing: Smaller Turbo Engines Are Going Big - The Kiinote

The Days of the Naturally Aspirated Four-Cylinder Appear to Be Numbered In 1964 the original Chevrolet Malibu made its debut.

Future Cars and the Search for White Space - The Lohdown

How Automakers Are Capitalizing on High Demand Welcome to the future cars issue (get your August 2015 issue of Motor Trend on newsstands starting on May 29), our showcase of what carmakers are working on now and what is coming around the bend.

A Baker's Dozen Tech Tidbits from SAE 2015

A 10-Speed Twin-Clutch Transmission, 7-Mode Hybrid, and More Your technical director joined the Society of Automotive Engineers back in his college days at the University of Illinois during the Reagan era and has been faithfully attending the group's annual confab in Detroit for what seems like millennia.

Car Salesman Confidential: How To Read A Car Ad

How To Prevent Your Own And Your Salesman's Frustration A car pulled up in front of my dealership the other day, and an older gentleman got out and introduced himself as Dr.

Automakers Say You Should Stop Working on Your Car - Are They Right?

There's a Battle Raging Over Who Should Be Allowed to Service Your Car There's a battle being waged over who's allowed to service or modify your car.