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Boss 429 Pre-Production Engine - Rare Finds

Bob Perkins ran into this gem—a pre- production Boss 429 with steel heads—in the back of Scott Dapron’s shop in Arizona.

Snap Shots - Readers' Rides - October 2014

After losing interest in his ’91 Fox for several years, Ron Mick of Bradenton, Florida, came back harder than ever.

2015 Ford Mustang Will Bring Us The Future - Powershiftin'

The 2015 Ford Mustang is sure to create a tidal wave of emotion with enhanced technology, improved horsepower, and handling.

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 - Sleeping Beauty

Bruce Schreiner, CPA and Mustang collector from Hastings, Nebraska, caught wind of the imprisoned classic Boss and fought to get his hands on it.

Resto Roundup, September 2014 - Restoration Questions

found this intake at a local flea market. The guy was an old drag racer. He said this was a rare 428 CJ intake manifold?

Babe of the Month, November 2014 - Mary

Our Babe of the Month for November is Mary, a 23-year-old from Simi Valley, California. “I am a personal trainer in my hometown,” she told us, “and in my free time I enjoy going to car shows with my boyfriend (whose car I am posing with).”

Horse Power - New Mustang and Ford Products - October 2014

UPR Products’ Pro Series brackets are designed to correct “instant center” and reduce the amount of squat that a Mustang experiences at launch.

1966 Ford Mustang Project Colt of Personality - Introduction

Rescued from our former sister publication, Modified Mustangs & Fords, Colt of Personality has been modified from day one to excel in all areas over the original design.

Vintage Ford Mustang Tech Advice - September 2014

My engine appears to be a hybrid; it has five core plugs along with four main bearings. So, is it possible that when the casting mold was assembled, it was assembled incorrectly?

2011 Ford SVT Raptor - 3-Ton Beast

A formidable and sinister-looking pickup truck made the turn toward me and rolled slowly to a stop.. I climbed into the driver's seat enthusiastic about this all-new adventure that I was embarking on.

How to Install Custom TMI Sport RS Seats - Throne For A Curve

TMI’s Sport RS Seat Conversion Kit brings Boss 302 grip and style … without breaking the bank. Check out how we installed it Project BYOB, a 2011 Ford Mustang!

1967 Ford Mustang Hardtop - Rare Finds

Kent Faith didn’t have to go far to find his Rare Find. The ’67 hardtop was sitting in his driveway, beside his garage, last tagged and running in 1998.

How to Swap a Six-Speed Manual Transmission into a Fox Mustang

Modern Driveline’s new Tremec T-56 Magnum six-speed bolts into your ’79-’93 5.0L Mustang without modification.

2001 Ford Mustang ATF Street Outlaw

It's one thing to go to the track and make passes to see how fast your car can go. It's another thing to ensure that you are faster than the guy in the other lane.

Late-Model Corral, ’79-’14 Questions - September 2014

If your power door lock actuator has seized dur to moisture, you can pick up a door lock kit with integral keyless entry, like the Electric-Life kit shown here.

NMRA SVT Shootout in Maryland - Crab Cakes and Mustangs

Some might say that Maryland is best known for crab cakes and football, but those same people probably have never been to Maryland International Raceway (MIR).

New Edge Suspension - Reining in the Horse

Burn corners with any SN95 'Stang! Improving the handling on your ’99-’04 Mustang doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 - Full Monty Mach

When Ed Hill mulled over the restoration of his stepfather’s ’70 Mach 1, he had some tough decisions to make.

Pony Express: Reader Feedback - September 2014

I found the letter in the July Pony Express column addressing “right car at the right time” interesting and then started thinking about the ’66 Mustang I have owned for over 45 years.

Horse’s Mouth - Mustang and Ford News and Notes - October 2014

AmericanMuscle excites with the 2015 Mustang re-creations: Iacocca, Bullitt, And Eleanor.