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Matte Grey Audi RS5 Is A Smooth Criminal

The new Audi RS5 may not be as well-rounded as the Mercedes-AMG C63 S, but it does have stellar looks, particularly compared to the relatively benign C63 and M3.

Would You Pay Nine Grand For A 1990 Toyota Century?

If you consider the first-generation Toyota Century to be a somewhat iconic vehicle, then perhaps owning one makes sense for you.

1959 Corvette Vs 1955 Ford Thunderbird In Classic Comparison Test

If you know your history and you like American muscle, this comparison of a '59 Corvette and a '55 Thunderbird might be equally if not more to your liking than most of the new cars getting reviewed these days.

Angry Woman Uses Perfume And Shirt To Set Her Taurus On Fire After It Broke Down

A woman from Lancaster County in Pennsylvania has been arraigned on charges of arson and risking a catastrophe after setting her Ford Taurus on fire after it broke down.

In-Depth Review Finds Very Few Faults With 2018 Toyota Prius

If you're in the market a practical and fuel efficient hatchback, the only thing that might keep you from considering buying a Prius straight up could be its looks.

Hyundai's Upcoming Veloster N Might Look Very Nice Indeed

Not a company to rest on its laurels, Hyundai is hard at work developing the second model in its range of N-performance models.

Mercedes-Benz Teases 2019 CLS Ahead Of LA Show Premiere

Weekends are not usually chosen by automakers for revealing new products, but Mercedes-Benz has just released the first teaser image of the all-new CLS that'll be officially revealed at the upcoming LA Show on November 27.

Cheapest Cayenne Turbo In The U.S. Costs Just $6,100 And Is Still Going Strong

Even though YouTuber Tyler Hoover usually jokes about his compulsion to purchase old premium cars, it seems that there really are some good investments out there.

Mercedes-Benz Teases 2019 CLS Ahead Of LA Show Premiere

Weekends are not usually chosen by automakers for revealing new products, but Mercedes-Benz has just released the first teaser image of its all-new CLS.

White, Red, And Carbon Pagani Huayra Is A Petrolhead's Wet Dream

If you’re in the market for a used Pagani Huayra, the United States is the place to look. The U.S. is easily Pagani’s largest market and there are dozens of Huayras on the streets, a dramatic turnaround from the days of the Zonda was not even being sold in the States.

600 HP Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Would Make For A Perfect Supercar Slayer

Hot on the heels of being shown off at the SEMA Show, the Audi TT Clubsport Turbo has been detailed extensively by The Hoonigans channel on YouTube.

Future Cars: Peugeot Brings Back Sexiness With New 508 Sedan

French carmaker Peugeot has certainly given us some drastic variance in cars over the years; cue fantastic sporting GTi and World Rally cars and then truly mediocre offerings like the 307 hatch and 407 sedan.

The CLK DTM Is A Race-Inspired Wild Ride From Merc's Past

Unless you're very familiar with Mercedes' old CLK lineup, the fact that something like this CLK DTM AMG even exists might surprise you.

BMW 340i Touring M Performance Is The Closest Thing To An Estate M3

Since BMW has yet to make an M3 using the 3-Series estate, cars like this 340i Touring with M blood running through its veins are as close as you can get to one.

Matt Farah Drives The Iconic Lancia Stratos

The last Lancia models weren't anything special, but if you wind the clock back a few decades, you’ll find that the automaker produced some of the most iconic road and race cars ever built.

Volvo And Lync & Co To Launch Compact Plug-In Hybrids In 2018

Volvo and Lync & Co will launch their first compact plug-in hybrid models in the second half of 2018.

Extremely Modified Citroen C1 Looks Like A Sick Halloween Joke

There are some weird and wacky cars out there, but this Citroen C1, currently up for grabs in Denmark, is unquestionably one of the most bizarre vehicles we’ve ever seen.

Michael Schumacher's Ferrari F2001 Fetches An Incredible $7.5 Million!

Want to know which is the most expensive modern Formula One racing car ever sold at an auction? Well, you're looking at it.

Skoda Octavia vRS Estate Makes Sure Your School Runs Are Anything But Dull

When it comes to compact family cars, the Skoda Octavia has always been somewhat of a smart choice within the segment, being larger than its main competitors, well built and competitively priced.

Jaguar Land Rover Starts Testing Autonomous Vehicles On UK Roads

Jaguar Land Rover has commenced testing of self-driving prototypes on roads throughout the United Kingdom.