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VW Golf SportsVan Shines in UK Review

Should the regular seventh-gen Golf not be roomy or practical enough for you, VW is now tempting you with the Golf SV, which is basically the same car, but with a lot more interior space.

Brand New Skoda Fabia Rendered in vRS Guise

According to an older report, Skoda is not going to make a vRS version based on its new Fabia hatch. The reasons they quote are the high price it would end up fetching, a price that would (and did) limit its appeal and market worthiness.

Van Track Battle Between Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter is Not Pointless

You’d think that putting two standard vans around a track to see which is fastest is a pointless exercise, but it isn’t.

Forza Horizon 2 Shows off Social Component at Gamescom 2014

While not excessively innovative or in any way new, the concept behind the Forza Horizon series in general and Horizon 2 in particular has lots of room to wiggle and improve the genre.

Next-Gen VW Golf will benefit from XL1’s Eco-Tech

All the work Volkswagen has put into creating the ultra-frugal XL1 will not go to waste on a car that will only ever sell in the hundreds.

World's Luckiest Biker Flips Over and Lands on his Feet on Moving Car's Roof!

Actually, lucky doesn't even begin to describe the outcome of this motorcycle accident that reportedly happened in Belarus.

Infiniti Reveals First Side Shot of China-Bound Q50L

Whenever an L is added after the name of an executive sedan, you know that car is headed for China. The latest model to be stretched for the PRC is the new Infiniti Q50 which was just revealed via one official shot.

Subaru Reportedly Following Up Tribeca Three-Row SUV with New Model

While not a bad vehicle by any means, the Subaru Tribeca (pictured) just didn’t tickle buyers fancy in the US, while the lack of a diesel made virtually all European buyers look elsewhere.

Hyundai Reportedly Creating its Own Prius

It’s been suggested by AutoGuide that the cars their spies spotted wearing i30 clothes is actually a mule for an upcoming Toyota Prius rival from Hyundai.

Spied: Mercedes S-Class Maybach Prototype Pounds its Tires on the Ring

If this is indeed the Maybach version of the new Mercedes S-Class, and it probably is, judging by the extended distance between its axles and odd spot to place camo, then it’s being tested for the kind of driving it will most likely never do.

Scoop: Lotus Cooking Another Special Elise Model

With its grand plan for a multitude of new models flushed down the same pipe as the man who originally conceived the idea at the 2010 Paris auto show, Lotus is back to its good ol' reheating tricks.

Enjoy the Purity of this Well Maintained 1966 Porsche 912

There’s just something undeniably enticing about the entry level Porsche 912, built from 1965 to 1969.

Renovo Coupe Detailed in Pebble Beach Video

The Renovo Coupe is cool for any number of reasons, but primarily for the way it looks and the fact that it’s fully electric and completely modern and up to date.

Brit Creates His own Toll Road While Nearby Motorway Remains Closed

Frustrated that Bath & North East Somerset councils in the UK failed to mend a broken stretch of road, a local resident and businessman Mike Watts has taken it upon himself to fix the problem.

Infiniti Teases New Paris Show Concept Car; Any Ideas What it is?

This is the first official teaser of a new mystery concept car from Infiniti that will be unwrapped at the Paris Auto Show in October.

Maserati Will Reportedly Not Build Model Smaller than Ghibli

While Maserati is currently seeing its biggest expansion in history, there are limits when it comes to growth, especially if that would affect the brand’s exclusivity.

UK: All-New Renault Twingo Gets Pricing and Detailed Spec Information

On the verge of hitting UK roads (from late September), the all-new Renault Twingo’s pricing and specs scheme has just been announced.

Pranking Cops with Slow Moving Cars that Use Speakers to Sound Like They're Street Racing

YouTube mischief-maker Roman Atwood is back again, this time trying to fool cops into thinking that he's street racing.

Project CARS Promises to be the First Forza- or GT-Esque Experience on PC

While PC users are perfectly comfortable talking about all manner of games they can play, their confident discourse quickly turns to hushed mumbles when you ask them if there are any games like Forza or Gran Turismo available for the platform.

All-New Skoda Fabia Revealed; Looks Like a More Angular Audi A1 Sportback

Skoda is clearly shooting slightly more upmarket than before, with its all-new Fabia, which looks a heck of a lot like an Audi A1 Sportback, if not in terms of fine details, then in general proportions and side profile.