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Installing an engine in a 1949 Chevrolet 3100 Truck

Seems like forever ago that folks were fashioning motor mounts out of scrap steel—and that was the norm because, unlike today, folks didn’t have the so-called luxury of pre-made components at the ready.

J.P. Garcia’s 1955 Ford F-100 Blue Oval

What do you get when you cross a trailer full of parts that are alleged to be a 1955 Ford F-100, with a unique vision over 9 1/2 years of persistent effort?

How to Affix a Forward-tilt Hood onto a 1967-1972 Ford F-100

One of the basic rules to customizing a classic truck is a modification doesn’t have to benefit the truck’s practical use if the modification will make the truck look cooler.

Project Truck Norris Update

We’re getting closer to having Truck Norris, our project 1967 C10, running under its own power. The new parts are getting installed as they roll in, and the list of things left to do is gradually diminishing.

Found: Massive Mopar-Only Junkyard

Last year I had the opportunity to visit Stephens Performance Mopar yard, in Alabama, for 5 hours. One would think that would be plenty of time to see everything.

Everything You Need to Know About Racing Insurance (Part Two)

Editor’s Note: In the first edition of our investigation into racing insurance we took a look at who pays the bills when someone gets hurt.

Explained: Direct Injection Piston Design and Tuning Theories

There’s a new acronym floating around the performance industry—GDI—and it stands for gasoline direct injection.

GALLERY: World Short Track Championships

By all appearances the first ever World Short Track Championships at The Dirt Track at Charlotte, which was held this past weekend, was an incredible success.

On Track With Continental’s New ExtremeContact Sport Summer Tire

While they aren’t the sexiest components you can get for your ride, tires make a big difference when it comes to overall performance.

Record-Breaking Wing Car Returns to Bonneville

Lee Sicilio’s Charger Daytona is a Bonneville staple. Each year since 2001, salt willing, Lee has taken one of his two Charger Daytona race cars to Speed Week.

1940 Ford Pickup – A Different Point Of View

When given a blank canvas to work with, most artists will try and fill it. The trick is to use only as much material as you might need to in order to get the idea across.

It’s Finished! 1969 Daytona Is Really A 2006 Charger SRT8!

There are Mopar guys, and then there’s Steve Mirabelli. It’s nearly impossible to impart a sense of this man’s skill level without resorting to what some will perceive as hyperbole, but tough nails.

2017 Hurst Kenne Bell R-Code Mustang

The term gentleman driver is not well known outside automobile racing circles, but it is, in fact, one of the oldest phrases associated with the hobby/sport.

Questions about piston speed, cam specs, and Ford SOHC 4.6 main caps answered

Grant, via I recall an early 2000s program warning me of excessive piston speed in my 427 Ford FE, which has nearly the same stroke as a Chevy 396/427.

2016 ARP/STREET RODDER Sherm’s Custom Plating Road Tour, update 5

With so many different things going on at the 25th edition of the California Hot Rod Reunion it could be easy to forget the real reason so many people are at Famoso Raceway.

Asking for Sponsorship – the Do’s and Don’ts

Editor’s Note:  This third part in a series of sales tips from our GM John Viscardo dives right into the sponsorship conversation and includes tips from those who help their company determine if they should be involved with your race team.  We hope all of these tips help you in the search for sponsorship.  Happy hunting!

SEMA Sneak Peak: The Ringbrothers’ Twin-Turbo 1948 “Madam V” Cadillac #TENSEMA16

Jim and Mike Ring have kept their lips tight about Madam V, the newest build from the Wisconsin-based Ringbrothers!

Now that the CC/Malibu is running well, what should we do with it?

As most of you know, the CC/Malibu is up and running. It runs well, too; I’ve been driving it every day.

Candy in the Pits and Walking the Swap Meet at the 2016 Hot Rod Reunion

The California Hot Rod Reunion is in its 25th year, and we have walked the pits and swap meet every year feeling like the first man on the moon.

Falloween 150: Photo Gallery and In-Car Video of the Final Laps

Some of the top Super Late Model drivers in the Midwest may have saved their best show for last. Dells Raceway Park’s Falloween 150 boasted a star-studded field and a finish that will leave fans with plenty to talk about during the off-season.