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A Look Inside The Head Of Circle Track Editor Rob Fisher


Why Is The 1932 Ford The Ultimate Hot Rod?

Thom On Design

Nick Colbert's 1932 Channeled Deuce

Roddin’ With Dad’s Mill

Dean & White Altered Dug Out Of A Field And Restored

A tribute to two San Diego racers who lost their lives in the quest to go faster than they had before.

The Other Side - Reagan May

Reagan May knew she wanted to race at just 9 years old. Eleven years later, she’s blazing trails for women in circle track racing.

1966 Dodge Polara - Facebook Barn Find

Automotive Archaeology

Win Cash and Glory at Car Craft's Heads-Up Drag Racing Shootout

The Car Craft Midnight Drags is the event for heads-up quarter-mile drag racers held at the Great Lakes Dragaway on Saturday night, July 18, 2015, after the Car Craft Summer Nationals at the Milwaukee Mile in West Allis, Wisconsin.

We Complete The Build Of Our Project Modified Motor

To The Dyno!

What It’s Like To Win The Baja 1000

Rob MacCachren, and the No. 11 Rockstar Energy MacCachren Motorsports team on what it's like to win the Baja 1000.

Beatnik Photographer Earl Leaf

Trophy Girl

Watch This $200,000 2014 Porsche Turbo 911 S Burn to the Ground!

A bit of gratuitous, traffic-raking Internet entertainment at the expense of a German supercar

Project Car Update: Lots of Parts, Not as Much Progress

Unfortunately, we haven't made too much progress since our last update. Blame it on work schedules, trade shows, holidays, travel for photo shoots, and waiting on backordered parts.

The Finest AMX Ever Built

After 31 Years Kevin Mervin Is Still An AMC Devotee

Scene At The York US30 Reunion

An annual pilgrimage for East Coast nostalgia racing buffs, history fans, and hot rodders.

Racing Around - Allstar Performers Of The Month

Regional News, Industry Updates & Items Of Interest From Around The Country

Hot Rod Jigsaw Picture Puzzle From Legendary Builder Vern Tardel

The puzzle comes packaged in a retro-styled, super-structured box, typical of Vern's attention to detail, and should keep puzzle fans and hot rodders happily assembling for hours.

Bonneville Salt Flats History Book Expanded and Updated for 2015

Bonneville: A Century of Speed explains the origins of land speed racing, moving through 1914, when a bunch of racers loaded a train in Salt Lake City with cars and spectators to head to Salduro on the Bonneville Salt Desert to see who could go the fastest.

An End Of Year Maintenance Checklist For When The Season Is Over

When the season is over, the work doesn’t end. It starts with inspection and repair of all your equipment.

We Race Dodge In A 2015 Hellcat Challenger

If You Can’t Run 11-second Times In A Hellcat Challenger, You Can’t Drive