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Sprint Car Crash Claims Open Wheel Standout Dave Steele

Desoto Speedway Facebook Page Photo Bradenton, FL- Dave Steele, who paved a legendary path in open wheel racing, was killed Saturday night in an accident at Desoto Speedway.  Steele, 42, was competing in the Southern Shootout Sprint Car Series at the 3/8-mile asphalt oval.

This 1967 Ford F-100 Ranger proves Heath Taylor inherited great taste

A shortbed Ford, it doesn’t get any better than that for a Blue Oval guy, and that’s especially if it’s a 1967 Ford Ranger.

Short Track Races This Weekend (3/24-26)

Now that Spring has officially sprung – whether Mother Nature agrees or not – the short track racing season is beginning to rev up around the country.  We took a look at some of the series and events taking place this weekend.

Jeremy Bonnett’s Chopped and Channeled Drag Week ‘29 Pontiac

Gear Vendors Drag Week Powered By Dodge brings all types of people and all types of cars (and trucks!

Roadkill Ep. 62 Goes Flat-Fendered Four-Wheelin’ with Rick Péwé

This is pre-historic Roadkill! Roadkill’s 2017 season begins with a rod knockin’, flat-fendered Willys.

Thise 1967 GMC Fleetside Has the Right Look Thanks to Subtle Updates and a Cool Stance

When you think of the age-old phrase “like a kid in a candy store” it’s easy to place it in a million different perspectives, depending on what the subject matter might be.

Professor Hammer’s Metalworking Tips

Some shrinkage will occur whenever panels are welded together. In certain cases the shrinkage can cause an “oil can.” This column reveals a strategy to fix this problem on a doorskin.

Denny Merritt’s Salvaged Studebaker Pickup

The path to becoming a true automotive enthusiast can begin in several ways. Some folks embrace it as a fun way to pass time after retirement while others get bit by the bug when they first get their driver’s license.

Exclusive: Factory Stock is Fast Blast at 2017 Gatornationals

The year was 1972. NHRA’s Pro Stock class was rapidly changing, thanks in no small part to William Tyler Jenkins and his SRD car-building crew in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

This Sweet Duster Shows Off Cool Interior Parts You Can Buy!

For the most part, you don’t go about building a cool Mopar street machine or any other type of car or truck entirely by yourself.

Freak Show Friday: Repurposing, Recycling, Ingenuity

Not all freaks are good, and not all are bad. But good or bad, if you’ve got something like a 1937 Plymouth sedan body, and you know it will take lot’s of cash to make it complete before you begin modifying it, why not try something like this instead?

Street Rodder Road Tour: These Two Northern Car Shows Are Annual Favorites

The 2017 ARP/STREET RODDER Road Tour presented by Chevrolet Performance kicks off its 22nd season in style.

Jason France’s 1964 Biscayne Is a Beige, 409-Powered Sleeper

Imagine what a curious sight this beige 1964 Chevrolet sedan must be to the driver of a late-model Camaro or Mustang.

Factory-First: All You Need to Know About the Demon’s TransBrake

A factory-first is hard to claim after a century of building automobiles, but Dodge is happy to show off the first TransBrake in a production car — just in case you weren’t sure the SRT Demon was serious about drag racing.

HOT ROD Garage Ep. 49 Begins Body Swapping a ’66 F100 with a Crown Vic

Modern cars spoil drivers, and they don’t even know it. If you’ve driven a classic, especially a truck, you’ll understand how far we’ve come in chassis, suspension, and drivetrain design — but that’s what why we hot rod  these things!

Why Teams Chase Their Setups

Going In Circles I had a recent déjà vu moment. I was reminded that common sense is not all that common after all.

Homemade, 50-Year-Old Fuel Motor Roars Back To Life

The Big Banger Theory Fueler. Improbable survival stories are standard equipment around here. HOT ROD Deluxe is known for telling resurrection tales that defy all odds and logic.

Introducing Our Modified Engine Build Presented by World Products and Erson Cams

Presented by World Products and Erson Cams, we’re putting together an awesome dirt track Modified Engine It’s been a little while since we here at Circle Track orchestrated an engine build.  In fact, it seems like forever since we put together the world’s most versatile engine that ended up being one incredible power plant under the hood of a Street Stock.

302 Ford vs. 305 Chevy! Part 1: Intro and Baseline

Who did it best back in the late-1980s and early 1990s, the 5.0L Ford or TPI Chevy? OK, fellow travelers, let’s crank up the DeLorean to 88 mph and venture back in time to the start of the modern muscle-car era.

Troy Aves’ 1967 Dart Runs 8s With a Gen III Hemi and a Big Turbocharger

Troy Aves’ Dodge defies conventional expectations. “Turbo Dodge” often conjures up recollections of 1980s front-wheel-drive, four-cylinder Iacocca Mopars or badge-engineered Mitsubishis.