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Buick Bonanza Coming in the July 2017 Issue of Muscle Car Review

Of all of GM’s brands, the muscle cars from Buick probably get the least attention, so we are devoting the cover section of our July 2017 issue to Buick’s hottest models.

Short Track Races this Weekend (4/28-30)

Be sure to check out all of the short track racing near you!

Brilliant in Blue Deuce Roadster Is Packed with Traditional Vibe

Vision; it’s what drives hot rodders to create something from scratch, often starting with a blank canvas.

50 Years & 2 Engine Rebuilds Later, Nailhead-Powered 1965 Buick Gran Sport Finally Drives Like New Again

The 1964 introduction of GM’s midsize A-Body platform was perfectly timed to give several of the General’s brands an entry point for a rapidly growing youth market interested in automotive performance.

Buick Hoard: One Man’s Obsession With the1966 Buick Skylark GS

“I banged a lot of nails to get these cars.” Those are the words of Jim Sheils, a 51-year-old Franklin, Massachusetts, construction worker and extremely focused 1966 Buick Skylark GS collector.

Fix’Ems: Street Rodder Tips and Tricks

Check out the latest illustration from Bob Hovorka with help tips and tricks every street rodder should know!

Professor Hammer: Weld porosity; Its causes and cures

This is a close-up view of porosity in a TIG weld. We will examine some of the causes for weld porosity and ways to prevent it.

Used & Abused 1970 Buick GSX Stage 1 Comes Back From Dead to Near-Perfection

Tim Garland has been a Buick guy since high school, when he dressed up a 1972 two-door Skylark to look like a GSX.

Street Rodder Road Tour: The Road Tour Triple Play

The August Road Tour Triple Play The NSRA Street Rod Nationals—The Tri Five Nationals—The Woodward Dream Cruise The month of August offers many possibilities for rodders to get out on the highway and enjoy their rides with other folks on the ARP/STREET RODDER Road Tour presented by Chevrolet Performance.

It Took Two AMC Fanatics and Years of Junkyard Crawls to Restore this Rare 1969 AMC Javelin SST

When you own an AMC project, you are bound to be a scrapyard junkie. Because of lack of repop and replacement parts, your free time will probably be spent walking the rows of countless salvage yards looking for those few Javelins, Rebels, and AMXs that managed to keep some of their vital parts.

VIDEO: On Board with Kyle Treadwell at Oxford Plains

We love on-board video of race cars.  Throw in some spotter chatter plus a full field of Super Late Models and we’re hooked.

Racing Around – April’s Short Track News

Jennerstown Speedway Gets New Track Promoter Jennerstown, PA-. Jennerstown Speedway has announced the hiring of veteran motorsports Public Relations consultant and race broadcaster, Mike Lysakowski, as its new Track Promoter.

How to install ladder bars and a Ford 9-inch

There’s more than one way to figure out where a Ford 9-inch rearend will hang in a chassis but, for this story, the method started from the rear and worked forward.

B-17 Bomber–Inspired Build Evokes Images of the Greatest Generation

Peter Lepore had a vision of a hot rod built especially for him. After years of driving a stock 1930 Model A Town Car to the local cruise-ins, the Wayne, New Jersey, resident decided it was time for a little bit more; more power, more style … more hot rod.

Karma … it’s a bitch!

Think back to an editorial that I wrote about having left the same gas station twice within a short period of time and forgetting to properly remove the gas filler nozzle/hose from my car?

Shop Talk: Generations

Car Craft is a few issues shy of its 65th anniversary, and it’s especially humbling to consider that by the time that anniversary rolls around, I’ll have been with the magazine for 13 of those years—20 percent of Car Craft’s existence, if my math is correct.

This Mild Custom 1950 Ford Custom Coupe Has Plenty of Class

They say, there’s no better way to get an education on something than to immerse yourself into it full time.

New Parts From The Classic Truck Aftermarket

Heatshield Products 01. The Heat Is Off You can protect your cab interior from excessive heat generated by drivetrain components, exhaust systems, and conditions with HP Sticky Shield insulation from Heatshield Products.

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Fixing What You Broke, Character vs. Neglect

Forgive us, as we’re getting a little philosophical this Wrenchin’ Wednesday: “Ah, we all pick up a few scars with life.

Paul Castiglione’s “Russel Mobile” Challenger at HOT ROD Drag Week 2016

Sometimes while on Gear Vendor’s HOT ROD Drag Week, powered by Dodge, we get caught up in the performance of the cars.