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3 - Yes, 3! - Powerful & Rare 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351s Packing a Total of 990 HP

Though the 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351s are rare today, we had the pleasure of gathering a tasty trio of them packing a collective 990 horsepower.

NHRA Top Fuel Racer Larry Dixon Will be at HOT ROD Drag Week 2016 -- Will you?

We’re just 44 days out from the start of HOT ROD Drag Week 2016, and we’re starting to see a bevy of builds come together.

Fast Fords Coming in the October 2016 Issue of Muscle Car Review

Blue Oval fans, this one’s for you! The October 2016 issue of Muscle Car Review has Fast Fords as its cover theme, and it’s an issue packed with the hottest cars to come out of Dearborn during the classic muscle car era.

Making Different Cars Equal by Matching Spring Rates

Many times a team will change from a stock lower, big spring front end designed car to a coil-over car, or the other way around.

Off the Mic: An Official in Spottersville

The life of a spotter isn’t an easy one. You’re not just concerned about your racecar, you’re concerned with everyone’s racecar.

Triple Crown of Rodding Competition Heats Up!

The Triple Crown Of Rodding is quickly approaching, and anticipation is high for STREET RODDER Magazine’s inaugural awards competition.

EcoBoost Mustang vs. Dragstrip

There comes a time when you realize you need to stop driving around tired, old junk that will catch on fire if you look at it wrong.

Dean Osland’s Ridler-Contending Rambler

Hot rodders have always used what was around them to build their rides but, for many decades, they built only cars that came from a well-defined group.

Chip Foose Celebrates 30 Year Mark at Petersen Auto Museum

In the ranks of contemporary automotive designers Chip Foose has the most respected and recognizable name there is and this distinction couldn’t go to a more deserving person.

Smokey Stories: Final Prep for the ’59 Indy 500

When we left Smokey last month, he was in the throes of making final preparations for his trip to the ’59 Indy race.

Chasing the Summit With the HOT ROD Special Viper ACR

The sun rose with the growing volume of idling race cars. At 4:30 a.m., the cold mountain forest was lit by a patchwork of headlights and trailer-mounted flood lamps as teams unpacked their hillclimb machines.

Found Footage: Vintage Racing from New Zealand

We’ve seen the trend of paying homage to Vintage racing and rediscovering the incredible past days of our sport.

eBay Excellence: 85-mile 2000 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R -- 1 of 300 made!

For a burger less than $80,000, you can own one of the rarest Mustangs out on the concrete plains: The 2000 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R.

How to Prepare a G-Body for EFI

LS and other EFI engine swaps have become all the rage with the still-affordable G-body platform. In the process, much attention is paid to things like the motor mounts and transmission, but there are several other supporting components that make an EFI swap possible.

The ARP/STREET RODDER Factory Five Racing Tour, part 3

Cars began rolling into the New York State Fairgrounds at dawn on Friday morning. For many of the regular attendees there was a whole new look and feel to the facility.

Barn Find Survivor: This ‘71 Charger Is Nicest We’ve Seen!

What you see before you is pretty much exactly the way it looked when Wade found it, other than an oil change, new plugs, a carb rebuild, and knocking the dust off.

Summer Shows and Swing Spaces

We just got back from what I’d consider to be a very successful Car Craft Summer Nationals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Being a Hot Rodder Is All About Solving Problems

As gearheads, we are accustomed to things not working. In fact, we are one of the few, semi-sane, hobbyist collectives that actively seek out problems.

Push for Points

I believe races and championships are won on the basis of having a strong philosophical approach, which is defined as being sensibly calm or rational.

2016 PPG Syracuse Nationals Ford Performance Best Ford in a Ford Award

While cruising the grounds of the 17th Annual PPG Syracuse Nationals it was the perfect time for STREET RODDER and Ford Performance to recognize street rodders who install a late-model Ford engine in a Ford hot rod or custom.