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Reflected Landscapes In Cars Are Amazing Tributes To Detailing

Over at BoingBoing, there's a nice little post that features a little-known auto photography sub-genre: the landscape, reflected in paint.

The 2015 Audi TT Is No Hairdresser's Car

The new Audi TT with a two liter turbo and all-wheel drive is pretty much the ultimate all-year daily driver sports car.

The New F1 Cars Really Do Sound Terrible Now

During the first round of practice for the U.S. Grand Prix , I stood on a grassy hill about 50 feet from Turn 1 and had a lovely chat with a Jalopnik reader at just above room-level conversation as the cars blasted past us.

eBay Challenge: The Most Fuel Efficient Cars For Less Than $5000

"Slow and steady wins the race" is an age old slogan that implies those who conserve their energy and pace themselves are the ones around long enough to reap the fruit of their frugality.

Gawker Is Fun-Sized Candy Really More Fun?

Gawker Is Fun-Sized Candy Really More Fun?

The Greatest Orange Cars Of All Time

Today is Halloween which makes it the perfect time to talk about the best orange cars. It's not an easy color for a car to pull off, but when done well, there's nothing else like it.

What Are The Scariest Looking Weapons Of All Time?

Some weapon systems look even more terrifying than they are deadly, which can be an added psychological warfare benefit.

How a long drive alone saved my life

It's quite possible my 1992 Miata—faded reddish paint, worn driver's seat, cloudy plastic rear window and all—saved my life.

Lewis Hamilton Is Fastest In Both USGP Practice Sessions

It seems the Circuit of the Americas is good to Lewis Hamilton. He won the inaugural race back in 2012, and he's off to a very strong start for this year's race.

Vettel Will Start USGP From Pit Lane After Getting Engine No. 6

Sebastian Vettel, the winner of last year's U.S. Grand Prix, will start this year's race from the pit lane after Infiniti Red Bull officials confirmed his car is running a new engine — his sixth for the season.

I Rode With Sebastian Vettel During Red Bull's F1 Donut Extravaganza

This week, Infiniti Red Bull Racing brought the 2011 Red Bull F1 car and the Q50 Eau Rouge prototype to do some donuts in front of the Texas State Capitol.

Afroduck Trial Starts And Prosecution Compares Lap To Monaco F1 Race

Internet mysterio and Manhattan lap record holder Afroduck's trial started today and immediately descended into "unbelievable comedy theater," as Alex Roy, Jalopnik's man on the scene, reports.

2015 Mustang EcoBoost VS. Merkur XR4Ti

Being the owner of a Merkur XR4Ti and the son of another XR owner, we were both very excited when we heard Ford was reviving the 2.3 Turbo engine in the Mustang.

Colani: The Designer For All Your Scary Car Costume Needs

It's Halloween, so many of us are planning our elaborate going-out costumes , perhaps car-related, but all likely involving lots of extra shaving.

Ghost Engine Haunts Dog In Bizarre Supercharged Toyota Ad

There's very little to say about Toyota's 1G-GZE supercharged straight six. Well, except that it was a ghost and it appears to have haunted at least one innocent dog.

Goodwood Just Got Opened To The Public

The Goodwood Estate lies on 12,000-acres of delightful English countryside that hides 32 miles of woodland routes and one very fast historic race track in the middle.

What It's Like To Take Over Goodwood With A Ton Of BMWs

The Goodwood Estate lies on 12,000-acres of delightful English countryside that hides 32 miles of woodland routes and one very fast historic race track in the middle.

Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two Suffers 'Anomaly' During Flight

Virgin Galactic made a bold disclosure on their Twitter account this afternoon, saying their Space Ship Two had experienced an anomaly during a flight earlier today.

Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two Crashed During Test Flight, Killing One

Virgin Galactic's Space Ship Two, which was undergoing testing to be the first commercial tourism spacecraft, has crashed into the Mojave desert.

People Went Nuts Grabbing Cash That Fell Off A Bank Truck On The Highway

Highway I-270 near Urbana, Maryland had to be shut down for about 20 minutes this morning after a bag of cash fell off an armored car onto the fast lane.