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Watch This Genius BMW Driver Drive On Shoulder And Instantly Get Caught

And if you can't tell, "genius" is clearly sarcastic. Read more...

Plane Porn - Inside Hyundai's Boeing 737 Business Jet

There are private jets, and there are corporate jets. Private jets get you there in style and comfort, while corporate jets make a statement.

Listen To The Pernicious Purr Of A Novitec-Modified Ferrari

The Ferrari FF is definitely, hands-down, the best shooting brake that Ferrari makes today. But if you could make it even better, you might hand it over to the nutters over at Novitec for some fiddling.

Porsche Might Be Developing A Turbo V12 For Vladimir Putin

A few months back we heard that Porsche was somehow involved with developing the next generation of super-limo for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Rally Toyota Corolla? Rally Toyota Corolla

We may or may not have beef with the 2014 Toyota Corolla , depending on who you ask . But that doesn't mean we have cow meat with all Toyota Corollas.

The Very First Camaro Was Apparently Birthed From The Earth's Core

The very first Chevrolet Camaro SS 350 advertisement looks like it should have been part of the scenery for the 1960s production of HG Wells' classic novel The Time Machine.

Lotus Builds Automatic Exige, Solution To All Of Company's Problems

Nobody buys the Lotus Exige . Well, pretty much nobody. Definitely nobody in America, since poor Lotus doesn't sell it here anymore, but close to nobody buys them in Europe, either.

​This Valet App Might Be The Next Best Thing To Uber

Parking in most major cities – and San Francisco, in particular – sucks. More often then not, when the wife and I head into the city for a night out, we park somewhere cheap and Uber our way around.

The Triple Eight Sandman Is An Ass-Hauling Australian Shooting Brake

As a "tribute" to the iconic two-door station wagons of Holden Australia's yesteryear, Red Bull and Triple Eight Engineering have cooked up this insane shooting brake with 705 BHP, full racing suspension, and...

eBay Challenge: The Best Classics For Less Than $10,000

We all know what $10k will get you on the new car market - a big fat nothing. So I propose a challenge, in which you use that money on a vehicle that was made in a simpler time - when cars ran on leaded fuel, seat belts were optional at the dealer and the only traction control available was your right foot.

Meet The Car That's The VW Beetle's Oldest And Most Direct Ancestor

I've written before about Paul Schilperood's remarkable book that makes the case that the VW Beetle was largely developed based on the ideas of the Jewish auto journalist Josef Ganz and not Ferdinand Porsche, as has been commonly thought.

[DeltaWing has some very cool world time clocks at its offices.

[DeltaWing has some very cool world time clocks at its offices. They're not only carbon ceramic brake discs, but they're set to racetracks around the world.

4WD Vs. AWD: How They Work And What Makes Them Different

"All-Wheel Drive" and "Four-Wheel Drive" ostensibly sound like the same thing, right? A reader explains how that's not exactly the case, and how each system keeps you moving.

Nothing But Water Is Stronger Than The Tightest Of German Engineering

This is the way a Mercedes ends. Not with a bang, but with a Hammelmann super-high-pressure water pump, shooting out a knife of water at pressure of 1000 bar, at the rate of about 50 gallons a minute.

All You Need To Do On Your Commute Is Drive, If Slate Will Let You

I don't really have a commute anymore, thanks to Jalopnik's advanced system of live/work containment pods, but almost every other job I've had bookended the days with drives.

Odd glitch of the day: Try and build an ATS Coupe, get to build a Yukon Denali.

Odd glitch of the day: Try and build an ATS Coupe, get to build a Yukon Denali. Upgrade? Read more...

What It's Like To Drive Your First Ferrari

There are certain things in life that you just can't refuse: Unlimited refills, free shipping, and the chance behind the wheel of a Ferrari, especially if that Ferrari is now an almost disgustingly shiny red 360 that has to be the most well-documented car in existence.

The Porsche 911 Won't Go Hybrid Just Yet

A few years ago, most of us would have scoffed at the idea of a hybrid Porsche 911 . But now we live in the era of high-performance hybrids like Porsche's own 918 Spyder, and the idea isn't so silly anymore.

Administrator Over Caterham F1 Team Wants The Team To Keep Racing

Although Caterham has been given approval by the FIA to miss the next two Formula One grands prix at Austin and Brazil due to ongoing financial difficulties , the representative for the administrator who has taken control of the team's assets, Finbarr O'Connell, says that the team is more valuable if they keep racing.

Sweden Has A Sub That's So Deadly The US Navy Hired It To Play Bad Guy

We have been glued all week to the sub saga off the coast of Sweden , where six days in Swedish forces have only now called off their search for an elusive sub hiding in the waters off Stockholm.