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Get Two of OxyLED's Uber-Popular Motion-Sensing Night Lights for $22 [Exclusive]

OxyLED’s T02-U is my favorite motion-sensing night light in the uber-popular T-02 line, and the popular lighting company is offering our readers the best deal ever on it today.

How Do You Prevent Sweaty Hands While Driving? 

Look, this is a little uncomfortable for me to just come right out and say, but I seem to rather frequently perspire on the palms when I drive around, and it makes me uncomfortable.

The UK Wants To Know If F1's $5 Million Payment To The FIA Violated The Bribery Act

The UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is investigating a 2013 deal which gave the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile $5 million U.S.

Drunk Driving Mother With Suspended License To Cop: 'I Don't Give A Shit'

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a New Mexico woman who failed to appear in court for two charges of felony child abuse, after running from police while driving drunk with her two young kids in the car and shouting at the cops “I don’t give a shit,” and “fuck you bald head.” Read more...

Comment Of The Day: Manual Good Marketing Bad Edition

Jason came up with an idea of “saving” the manual transmission earlier today by essentially having you press and endless sequence of buttons on the infotainment screen, which is probably already being discussed in automotive marketing departments worldwide thanks to us.

That Incredible Ferrari 458 V8-Swapped Toyota GT86 Just Won't Quit Drifting

Every time I see Ryan Tuerck’s epic Toyota GT86 with the V8 from a Ferrari 458 stuffed into its hood, I still can’t believe how cool it is.

Some Crazy Bastards Are Taking A Nissan Leaf On A 10,000-Mile Rally

One thing you don’t think electric cars can typically do is rally. Long distances, probably very few charging stations along the way—it doesn’t really sound like a place where an electric car can flourish.

Elon Musk Just Teased The First Image Of The Tesla Semi Truck

We’ve known for quite some time that Tesla has been working on a big rig truck. It’s a very logical progression from their core automotive business, and an excellent space to develop autonomy and possibly even battery-swapping technology.

Here's How Elon Musk Imagines Zipping Your Car Through Underground Tunnels

Tesla Daddy, starboy, celebrity dater, traffic hater and Boring Company starter Elon Musk now has a rendering for his tunnel idea (that hasn’t received regulatory approval).

This Is How You Sell Your Old Car

Don’t just throw some cell phone pics on Craigslist and call it good. What you need is action, drama and possibly a, well, I don’t want to spoil it.

The U.S. Navy Is Designing The Battery of The Future, Or At Least One That Won't Explode

Earlier this month, the Navy issued a memo earlier that would ban vaping on its vessels starting in May, but there’s a hope yet for our military’s e-cig users, thanks to American ingenuity and possibly an eperimental SEAL submarine.

This Is Why Everyone Wants An FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser

By so many standards, the FJ40 Land Cruiser is the definitive 20th century 4x4. With an international pedigree like a Land Rover, the rugged simplicity of a Jeep and swagger like an old Bronco, the FJ is a greatest hits album of classic trucks.

Here's A Wild Idea To Keep Manual Shifting Alive

We all know that manual transmissions are becoming more and more rare, and outside of a few niche cars targeted at archaic oily old bastards like myself and most of our readership, they’ll be gone.

Here Are More Supras Than You'll Ever See In Your Life Ripping Mad Burnouts

Hoonigan hosted a Supra Club Day recently with an unbelievable collection of Supras, and as one does at a place called the “Donut Garage,” they killed some tires.

What General Motors Did To Flint

Before its faucets ran brown, before its residents were poisoned by lead, before it was Murdertown USA, Flint, Michigan was Vehicle City.

How A Guy Built A Rear-Wheel Drive Honda Integra In His Garage Is Completely Insane

This car started out as a right-hand-drive, front-wheel drive, JDM Honda Integra and its owner David Richmond figured he would do (what seemed like) a simple parts swap to make it rear-wheel drive.

When It's Really Worth It To Buy A Certified Pre-Owned Car

Now’s a really good time to be buying a pre-owned car. For buyers on a budget, a used model will often get you more for your money, but is it worth paying more for a pre-owned model that is “certified”?

The Dying Sports Car Market Has Killed The Mercedes-Benz SLC: Report

Here is a picture of a Mercedes-AMG SLC43 bathed in the golden light of the setting sun because I thought that was a nice way to send it off.

This Is What Porsches Do To Your Brain

Mr. Regular of Regular Car Reviews swung by Fabspeed and saw several good Porsches, including a 993 911 RSR clone, a Boxster Spyder and a Cayman GT4.

Porsche Patent Shows Research On An Active Rear Diffuser 

Porsches have had active aero elements since 1989, when the Porsche 964s were equipped with an electrically-activated rear wing, a feature nearly all 911s have had since.