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This Bizarre Audi Concept Car Is For Sale At $750,000

Want to own one of the strangest car designs of the past three decades? Meet the Italdesign Aztec: it's possibly the strangest Audi ever made and it's yours for three quarters of a million bucks.

Man I Wish Real Life Was Like Forza Horizon 2

It's probably good that it isn't, though. We'd probably all pay a lot more in insurance premiums. Read more...

Hey, that 1964 Buick Electra I drove a while back is for sale on eBay.

Hey, that 1964 Buick Electra I drove a while back is for sale on eBay. Any takers? I'd buy it but my garage isn't long enough.

It Seems Like The McLaren P1 Doesn't Need Breaking-In

The McLaren P1 is my favorite of the the 918/LaFerrari/P1 trio, and it's nice to see some buyers will use theirs as such a machine deserves to be driven: fast from day one.

Two Dead After Plane Crashes At Virginia International Raceway

Two people are dead after a small plane crashed into the field of the Patriot Course at the Virginia International Raceway, according to reports.

The Convoluted History Of Why The Carrera GT Sounds Like An F1 Car

The Porsche Carrera GT has always been known for its screaming wail of an exhaust note, not so different from an old F1 car.

The Cops Might Soon Have A Radar Gun For Your Cell Phone

Ahoy there, motorist! You know you're not supposed to be texting when you're driving, right? Pretty soon, the cops may know better than ever when you're doing it.

Watch What Happens When Your Brakes Fail On A Race Track

Losing your brakes down the back straight at the Circuit of the Americas is not something you want to do, as Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge racer Tim Bell found out today.

What's The Fastest Beetle Ever?

Yesterday, we had a pretty spectacular video of the new VW Andretti Rallycross Beetle in tire-sacrificing action.

Here's A Miata Doing A Burnout With Some Dogs In The Passenger Seat

I think I really said it all in the headline. Happy Friday there, folks! Read more...

Is Lamborghini About To Introduce A Hybrid Called 'Asterion?'

Lamborghini sent out a cryptic teaser the other day regarding a new car they're about to show. And now, says it'll be called 'Asterion,' which is a mythological name for a half bull/half human hybrid.

2015 Nissan 370Z Roadster: The Jalopnik Review

When was the last time you thought about a Nissan 370Z? Sure, it came out a few years ago, but for some reason it seems like the vast majority of people would only answer with "never." It's a little, over-powered, rear-wheel drive monster, and you can get it with a folding roof.

Tire Pressure Monitoring for Any Car, 1080p Dashcam [Deals]

If you have an older car without tire pressure monitoring built in, you can add it yourself with this $90 kit.

Ask Ben 'The Stig' Collins And His Race Team Anything

A Texan, a Swede and The Stig walk into a WEC race team...and they're here to answer your questions! Between Ben Collins' upcoming new book and Krohn Racing's switch from their trademark lime green Ferrari to a lime green LMP2 next season, they have plenty to discuss.

The Tesla Model S Raises The Suspension Based On Location

Tesla is out with one of its more elaborate software updates to the Model S, and among the list of features is a new location-based air suspension setting that remembers when you need additional ground clearance and lifts the car automagically.

[Here's Lotus founder Colin Chapman, an Esprit, and his John Player Special-liveried private plane.

[Here's Lotus founder Colin Chapman, an Esprit, and his John Player Special-liveried private plane. Amazing.

This $300 Dodge Charger Was The Perfect First Car

The first car I owned was a 1969 Dodge Charger. I got it the summer before my senior year of high school and it meant that I no longer had to drive to school in my mother's green 1974 Gremlin.

Watch This Volvo Wagon Hit A MotoCross Jump

Taking an old Volvo wagon on a motocross course: good idea or great idea? Read more...

How's Your New iPhone 6 Working In Your Car?

Hey nerds. You just got a new iPhone and you just drove home. How's it working in your car? Read more...

Racing The Tail Of The Dragon In A BMW M3. On Slicks. In The Rain.

The problem with the Tail of the Dragon isn't the road — that's fantastic — it's the constant slow tourist traffic.