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The Little Engine That Couldn't: Why I Own A Dead Volkswagen In Arkansas

It was a clunk, then loud banging from behind me, and then the engine cut off. Any other time before and I would have been in a flash of panic, checking and forcing a restart and I don’t know what else.

Deadspin Washington Coach Pulls Out Dong, Pees Freely Before The Masses During Game [NSFW] | The Slo

Deadspin Washington Coach Pulls Out Dong, Pees Freely Before The Masses During Game [NSFW] | The Slot Here’s the Very Sexist Trump Reality TV Show That Never Saw the Light of Day | Gizmodo Russia Reveals ‘Satan 2' Nuclear Missile Capable of Destroying Texas in One Blow | Jezebel Sean Hayes Feels Ver

Self-Driving Robots Present Us With Two Very Different Futures

So, what’s it gonna be? Are we going to get a future of robots that bring us beer, or a future of robots killing us Terminator-style?

Why Everyone's Going Nuts Over The Mercedes Pickup Truck: An Explainer

The Mercedes-Benz mid-sized pickup truck is really happening, and will look like a combination of the two “near-production” concept vehicles that were revealed today.

Apple Is Reportedly Continuing Work On A Car Program, But Not Like Before

Apple totally has a car program you guys. Stop teasing it. It’s just in, uh, Canada. And it’s not like how it was before.

Here Are Ten Great Cars For Less Than $10,000 That No One Notices

It’s an undeniable boost to your ego when someone compliments car you’re driving, but there are certainly times when all you need is something low key, where you - and no one else - knows its true potential.

What Is The Creepiest, Most Inexplicable Thing To Happen To You In A Car?

With Halloween right around the corner, I think this a great time to tell some creepy or mysterious car stories.

Court Approves VW's $14.7 Billion Dieselgate Settlement And Now Owners Can Get Their Money

It’s been over a year since Volkswagen was caught cheating on emissions tests with its 2.0-liter diesel cars, and over four months since the U.S.

Jack Chick Hated Gearheads Like You, Too

Yesterday, a sort of legend died: Jack Chick, wildly prolific maker of tiny, usually unintentionally hilarious evangelical comics, went to go meet his faceless god at the age of 92.

The Acura TLX GT Gets A Front Spoiler And Side Sills; Your BMW Is Done, Son; This Is The End Of The German Auto Industry

Do you have a BMW 340i or an Audi S4? You better keep an eye out in your rearview mirror. The 2017 Acura TLX GT is coming for you, and it’s bringing the rest of the alphabet with it!

How To Empty A Pool With Your Truck

GIF via SeboT14 Fall is upon us, and as such, pool season is coming to an end. How do you drain all that gross tepid water that’s slowly becoming a giant mosquito farm?

Russia Reveals 'Satan 2' Nuclear Missile Capable of Destroying Texas in One Blow

Russia is flexing its military muscle as tensions with the US simmer in the wake of a heated third presidential debate, where Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton called Republican candidate Donald Trump a “puppet” for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class Pickup Truck Is Here And It Looks Sleek

Last March Mercedes-Benz announced that they were going to mock up a mid-sized pickup truck with more payload capacity than any American-market equivalent.

Old Chrysler Minivans Are Cool No Matter What Anyone Says

The first car ride I ever took was in a 1990 Plymouth Voyager just like the blue one you see in the picture above.

Uber Does Something Useful, Gets Into The Autonomous Beer Delivery Business

It’s begun, everyone: the world’s first commercial shipment via driver-free truck has just been completed.

Trump's New Youth Hotel Brand Gets The Name Of Toyota's Failed Youth Car Brand

Months after Toyota killed off youth brand Scion, the name got picked up again by none other than brilliant businessman and in-no-way-a-failure Donald Trump.

When You Should And Shouldn't Focus On Monthly Car Payments

When it comes to car buying, the advice of focusing on total cost instead of monthly payments has been around for a while.

Buick Scores A Huge Win For AMERICA In Consumer Reports' Reliability Rankings

Good morning! Welcome to The Morning Shift, your roundup of the auto news you crave, all in one place every weekday morning.

How That Tire Pressure Light You've Been Ignoring Gets Revenge

We may never know why the person couldn’t stop when they lost a tire, but I’m pretty sure they made the wrong choice.

Sure, why not.

Sure, why not.