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Iceland May Demand Proof Companies Are Paying Men and Women Equally

Despite having had laws mandating equal pay between the sexes for decades, Iceland’s stubborn gap still hasn’t completely closed.

Can robot duo track crops better than drones?

A tower and robot vehicle duo can accurately create 3D models of plants and collect data on both regions of crops and individual plants.

Persona 5 makes a big, but easy-to-fix mistake

The review embargo has lifted, at last, so I can tell you that, yes, Persona 5 continues the 2017 trend of fantastic video games.

The creators of The Flintstones comic on bringing existential dread to Bedrock

DC Comics made the Flintstones sad. These geniuses are the culprits.  The most emotionally devastating comic book in recent memory features a man coming to grips with his obsolescence, questioning humanity’s squandering nature and gross consumerism, and coping with the scars of war.

Why everyone is obsessed with a fitness podcast about Richard Simmons

If you instinctively grabbed your smartphone this morning to get your fix of Missing Richard Simmons only to remember, heartbroken, that the hit podcast is over, do not despair.

The US lags the world in parental leave—but one in seven Americans thinks that dads don’t need it

At least 180 countries (pdf) globally offer some form of mandatory paid time off for mothers after giving birth—and many provide time off for both parents.

Proper Gang’s Eclectic New Collection Features Camo and Kilts

Visit the original post to see all 15 images from this gallery. Brand: Proper Gang Season: Spring/Summer 2017 Key Pieces: It takes a special type of badass to pull off the elongated tartan kilt, so we’ll settle for the mint paisley pattern cardigan and satin baggy pants instead.

adidas Originals’s “White/Red” NMD_R2 Is Releasing Next Month

Visit the original post to see all 3 images from this gallery. Brand: adidas Originals Model: NMD_R2 Key Features: A white Primeknit upper with white BOOST sole is contrasted with a strong red outsole and heel tab.

The bizarre lawsuit that could still blow up the AHA insurance markets

With the collapse of the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, President Trump is stuck implementing a law he detests.

Indie smartwatches are doomed as long as Apple and Google have control

Smartwatches are having a rough time. No matter what your chosen platform, sales are mostly down, hardware is mostly bulky, software is mostly slow, and battery life is mostly poor.

Create a 'pocket playground' to keep kids entertained

It costs very little, distracts kids for longer, and minimizes clutter around the house. In other words, it's every parent's dream come true.

The It remake gets its first unsettling trailer

Stephen King’s It is still one of the creepiest miniseries to hit television, but judging from this first trailer, this year’s cinematic remake is looking to up the ante.

10 YA books we want to see adapted as TV shows

Making books into movies is such old news. It's PEAK TV which means it's peak TV adaptations of novels to maximize screen time, revenue and #buzz.  Netflix will drop 13 Reasons Why this week and is fresh off a successful Series of Unfortunate Events release that quickly garnered a second season order.

Netflix’s Startlingly Timely World War II Miniseries ‘Five Came Back’ Revisits How Hollywood Fought Fascism

Netflix “Believe in yourself,” Frank Capra urged in his 1982 AFI Life Achievement Award acceptance speech.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Has a Curved Screen and a Virtual Assistant

Visit the original post to see all 3 images from this gallery. Samsung has officially launched its next smartphone — the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Bangladesh’s leather factories under fire for child labor, pollution

Tanneries in Bangladesh that supply the leather for Western brands of purses and shoes are employing children as young as 14 and flooding waterways with pollutants, according to a report unveiled Friday by New York-based Transparentem to the Associated Press.

Samsung brings 4K to the new Gear 360

360-degrees of ultra high definiton video. Samsung is making a big upgrade to its Gear 360 camera with a boost in image resolution that brings 4K, 360-degree video into an incredbly compact form factor.

Abortionist on infants born alive: ‘Pay attention to who’s in the room’

In a new video released by The Center for Medical Progress Wednesday, a former Planned Parenthood medical director said that she has to “pay attention to who’s in the room” when infants show signs of life following an abortion procedure.

Only Donald Trump Can Save Internet Privacy Now, but He Won’t, so Let’s Prepare Ourselves

After the Senate voted recently to strike down President Obama-era FCC privacy rules for Internet service providers, the House of Representatives has now done the same, meaning Donald Trump will soon sign their bill, and your ISP will be able to do whatever it pleases with your data.

Sean Spicer just asked April Ryan how she is doing today and it was extremely awkward

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer called on reporter April Ryan for his first question Wednesday following a widely criticized exchange Tuesday in which Spicer scolded Ryan for shaking her head at him.