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What Working as a Professional Street Style Photographer Is Really Like

Making a career out of photography, like any creative field, is risky. In addition to the expensive costs of equipment, photographers must abide by an unflagging hustle just to uphold a consistent income all-year round.

Jóhann Jóhannsson is scoring the Blade Runner sequel, and that's a good thing

The sequel to Blade Runner has attracted a really intriguing cast and crew, and now, we know that it will sound great.

What Do Dreams Mean?

It has been said there are two types of people in this world:  those who believe dreams hold special meaning and those who believe they’re just a coincidental mash-up of thoughts and experiences.

Student Loan Debt is Awesome!!

Embed from Getty Images — With a conflicting mixture of horror and ambivalence, I read the latest tally on the country’s student loan debts.

sometimes-now: Yago Hortal

sometimes-now: Yago Hortal

Strike Up Match Holder+Striker by fruitsuper design

Strike Up Match Holder+Striker is a minimal design created by Seattle-based designers fruitsuper design.

Zynga takes virtual farmers into new territory with FarmVille: Tropic Escape

Zynga is taking its prized FarmVille casual game brand into a new territory today with the launch of FarmVille: Tropic Escape, where you do a lot less farming and run a getaway inn on a tropical island.

Guy Makes An Axe Handle Out Of Gummy Bears

Gummy candy lovers can't get enough of those rubbery little treats, their vibrant colors and whimsical shapes enough to brighten up even the greyest day.

5 spots that set Barcelona totally apart

1. Bar Marsella Photo of Bar Marsella by Dayana Aleksandrovna on travelstoke. This is one of the oldest, if not the oldest bar in Barcelona.

A history of sorority-shaming on the internet, from recruitment videos to selfies

On August 17, the University of Texas’ community Twitter account, @universitycoop, took a break from its regular routine of posting Pinterest-like photoshoots of happy campus life and touristy photos of students throwing their "horns up." (The school’s mascot is the Texas Longhorn, and they rarely let you forget it.) It was the beginning of the fall semester, and among the cute #moovin jokes and scenic pictures of Austin, @universitycoop threw in a short video of sorority Alpha Delta Pi welcoming potential recruits to the house as part of the annual campus recruitment week.

Simple Shower

Get the quick and convenient shower you need while camping with the easy-to-use Simple Shower. Weighing only 2 ounces, the Simple Shower turns most 1 or 2 litter bottles in to a portable shower.

Microsoft’s HoloLens Is Bringing Anatomy Into Mixed Reality

Students wearing the HoloLens can witness physiological events in 3D. The post Microsoft’s HoloLens Is Bringing Anatomy Into Mixed Reality appeared first on Futurism.

The Captain Marvel Movie Is Getting Close to Finding a Director

And no, the X-Men aren’t in Avengers: Infinity War, according to Joe Russo. Rupert Wyatt’s next movie is a scifi project.

The Quest To Empower The Homeless, One Tiny House At A Time

Tiny houses are hot among the eco-conscious hipster types these days — the pared-down lifestyle required to live in them discourages consumerism.

Why Rocksmith 2014 is the Perfect Tool for Guitar Beginners

Technology has made learning even non-technical skills much easier. From apps that can serve as guitar tuners to devices like the Jamstick+ (our review) that let you learn to play guitar from scratch, there’s no better time to be learning!

Coma patient ‘regains full consciousness’ following novel ultrasound procedure

A device developed at UCLA may have been responsible for a barely-conscious patient recovering from a coma and becoming fully able to comprehend language just three days after being the first subject of a novel brain treatment, a new study has found.

This Company Lets Kids Design Their Own Clothes

One day, mother of two, Jaimee Newberry, came up with a brilliant idea to sew her daughter a dress that was based on her own drawing.

Julian Assange warns of upcoming Hillary Clinton leak that could have 'significant' impact on the election

WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange warned Wednesday that Hillary Clinton will be the next target of an information leak.

Everything We Know About Newly Discovered ‘Second Earth’

A day or so ago it was announced that there might be an Earth 2 out there, closer to us than we thought.

EpiPen maker Mylan will make its allergy treatment more affordable

The maker of the EpiPen will make its lifesaving allergy treatment more affordable after mounting pressure from the likes of Hillary Clinton, who yesterday called the device’s price hikes "outrageous." Mylan NV will offer a savings card that covers as much as $300 of the $600 cost of an EpiPen two-pack for those paying full price, the company said in a statement.